Risk factors associated with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) transmission to uninfected married partner

Alice Joan Mathuram, - (2008) Risk factors associated with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) transmission to uninfected married partner. Masters thesis, Christian Medical College, Vellore.


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Sexual transmission is the major route of HIV transmission among partners. Despite living in partnership about 44% of couples in South India are serodiscordant for HIV infection. This case control study was therefore done to identify factors influencing HIV transmission among couples in whom both or either partner was HIV infected. Newly detected HIV infected patients and their partners who were either seroconcordant or discordant were included from South India. Details of social and sexual behavioural practices which could possibly affect HIV transmission were collected by a standard interview to each individual partner. Each partner was examined and staged clinically according to the WHO classification.CD4 counts were enumerated and partners were counseled on safe sexual practices. The factor which had a statistically significant increased risk for HIV transmission was a CD4 lymphocyte count < 350 cells/mm3 .Alcohol consumption, smoking, increased frequency of sexual intercourse, genital ulcer disease and urethro-vaginal discharge are associated with an increased risk for transmitting HIV to uninfected partner. Regular condom use, abstinence and male circumcision protect seronegative partners from HIV acquisition. Lesser frequency of sexual intercourse prior to serodetection, increased condom use after serodetection and CD4 lymphocyte counts > 350 cells/mm protect against transmission even after l0 years of living as partners. Therefore counseling of partners who are discordant for HIV infection should be intensified on safe sex practices. ART should be initiated early in such patients to prevent HIV transmission.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Risk factors ; Human Immunodeficiency Virus ; transmission ; uninfected married partner.
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