Impact of a Contextual Intervention to Improve Activity Participation in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Ancy, Rajan (2016) Impact of a Contextual Intervention to Improve Activity Participation in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Masters thesis, K.M.C.H. College of Occupational Therapy, Coimbatore.


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AIM : To study the effectiveness of contextual intervention to improve activity participation in children with autism spectrum disorder. METHOD : A quasi experimental pre-post test design was adopted for the study in which mothers of 30 children with ASD were recruited out of which 15 children in the experimental group underwent contextual intervention and conventional occupational therapy and 15 children in the control group underwent only conventional occupational therapy. The study duration was 12 weeks which was conducted across four timelines T1-T2, T2-T3,T3-T4 and T1-T4. The scales administered were COPM (Canadian Occupational Performance Measure), GAS (Goal Attaintment Scale), PSOC (Parent Sense of Competence Scale), SSP (Short Sensory Profile) and HCAS (Home and Community Activities Scale). There were 10 sessions of intervention and the duration of each session was 45-60 minutes. RESULTS : The children in experimental group showed significance in effectiveness on performance scores of COPM (ηp2=0.922), the mothers showed significance in effectiveness on satisfaction scores((ηp2=0.916), GAS scores (ηp2 =0.897), efficacy scores on PSOC(ηp2=0.960) and satisfaction scores on PSOC(ηp2=0.969). CONCLUSION : This study concludes that contextual intervention lead to significant improvement in children’s participation in ways that parents found useful and also partnering with parents to find strategies to achieve their goals leads to the parents feeling more competent in their parenting role.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Contextual Intervention, Improve Activity Participation, Children, Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Subjects: OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY > Occupational Therapy in Paediatrics
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Date Deposited: 16 Feb 2018 18:42
Last Modified: 27 Mar 2018 04:35

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