Kinematic Analysis of Trunk Motion during Free Throw among Wheelchair Basketball Players: Observational study

Ranjith Kumar, K (2017) Kinematic Analysis of Trunk Motion during Free Throw among Wheelchair Basketball Players: Observational study. Masters thesis, Mohamed Sathak A.J. College of Physiotherapy, Chennai.


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INTRODUCTION : Wheelchair basketball was founded shortly after World War II as a rehabilitation exercise for injured veterans. Today, wheelchair basketball is one of the most popular, exciting and fast paced high calibre sport played competitively in over 75 nations. Wheelchair basketball is included in the Paralympic Games. The Wheelchair Basketball World Championship is played two years after every Paralympic Games. Major competition in wheelchair basketball comes from Canada, Australia, the United States, Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Japan. Wheelchair basketball is regarded as one of the highest profile disability sports. As the level of competition increases, players need better ways to optimize their game skills. One such skill is that of free throw shooting. In wheelchair basketball, the functional level of the players can vary greatly depending on their spinal cord level of disability. For this reason, a classification system was developed to take into account their level of physical disability. The rules of the game are same as the traditional basketball game except for modifications to allow for the use of wheelchairs. Players are looking to optimize their skills in the game of wheelchair basketball since the aspect of competition has been introduced the popularity of wheelchair sports increases, new players will need to learn the necessary skills of the game. OBJECTIVE : To analyze the kinematics of trunk motion during Free Throw among wheelchair basketball players. DESIGN : Observational study. SUBJECTS : 20 wheelchair basketball athletes were divided into two groups, according to International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF) classification (Group 1: 3.0- 3.5 point players and Group 2: 4.0- 4.5 point players). SETTING : Nehru Outdoor Stadium (Basketball Court). METHODS : 20 wheelchair basketball athletes were allowed for 5 free throw shots. Video camera was used for observation over the players shooting side with the distance of 5m from free throw line to cover the player sagittal view and successful shot. Using the kinovea software, analysis of trunk inclination angle was done during the free throw with the reference point on shoulder and lower angle of the wheelchair of players shooting side. RESULTS : The Mean (-SD) values for the analysis of trunk motion obtained for overall free throw shots in group-1 players (3.-3.5) is 25.18 -4.868, and Group-2 players (4.0-4.5) is 13.40 -5.810, thus the study shows there is a significant difference among Group 1 and Group 2 players. CONCLUSION : Players of Group 1 and Group 2 rely on different kinematics strategies of trunk to produce successful free throw shot. Thus increases player proficiency in skill of free throw shooting may help to lead their team to victory.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Kinematic Analysis, Trunk Motion, Free Throw, Wheelchair Basketball Players.
Subjects: PHYSIOTHERAPY > Sports Physiotherapy
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Date Deposited: 01 Feb 2018 13:14
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