To Compare the Effects of Theraband Exercise and Plyometric Exercise on Throwing Velocity among Collegiative Cricket Players

Arunkumar, K (2017) To Compare the Effects of Theraband Exercise and Plyometric Exercise on Throwing Velocity among Collegiative Cricket Players. Masters thesis, Mohamed Sathak A.J. College of Physiotherapy, Chennai.


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INTRODUCTION : Throwing is a fundamental movement integral to numerous sporting activities. A throwing movement may occur along three planes of motion as illustrated in Cricket. They are: Cocking phase, Acceleration phase, Deceleration phase. The total movement time of the throw is defined by the time at which the hip reached the maximal linear velocity (begin of the throw) and the time at which the ball released from the hand. With regard to the upper extremity the internal rotation of the shoulder, and elbow extension, are two important contributors to the total ball velocity at release. Overhead throwing can cause muscle injuries around the shoulder if the muscle for throwing are weak. Muscle strength is a broad term that refers to the ability of contractile tissue to produce tension and a resultant force based on the demands placed upon the muscle. More specifically, muscle strength is the greatest measurable force that can be exerted by a muscle or muscle group to overcome resistance during a single, maximum effort. Muscle strength is an essential component to perform any type of ADL activities. Good muscle strength reduces the stress on joint and also maintains active life style. Many factors like injury, disease, immobilization, disuse or in activity result in impaired muscle weakness and muscle atrophy or deconditioning. In order to increase the muscle strength in physically active individuals or athletes or patients with loss of muscle strength or insufficient muscle strength to carry out basic activities of daily living require strengthening exercise. In cricket players,throwing a ball is a major practice done which requires good muscle strength. OBJECTIVE : The cricket player and basketball player to strengthen shoulder muscles an improving the throwing velocity. The purpose of the study to evaluate the effectiveness of theraband exercise and plyometric exercise on throwing velocity among cricket players. METHODS : It is a experimental study which was conducted on twenty athletes it is divided group A and group B. Group A received theraband exercise and group B received plyometric exercise repetitions three times per day. Total duration of study 3 weeks. Both groups values were analyzed statistically the pre and post values or both groups were analyzed by using t test and pre post value were analyzed using ANOVA. RESULT : Both groups showed improvement in strength , ROM and function. dependent T test was computed. The was a significant improvement in throwing velocity among cricket players. Through there was a reported improvement in throwing velocity statistical differences were consistant in our sample population. CONCLUSION : In this study theraband showed an significant effect on throwing velocity among cricket players as theraband exercise helps to strengthen the muscle and also gives quick stretch to a muscles which helps in increase in tension which helps in throwing velocity. This study was concludes that plyometric and theraband exercise improving throwing velocity on cricket players.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Plyometric theraband throwing velocity, Theraband Exercise, Plyometric Exercise, Throwing Velocity, Collegiative Cricket Players.
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