A Study on Acute Symptomatic Seizures.

Arunan, S (2007) A Study on Acute Symptomatic Seizures. Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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Seizures have been recognized since antiquity. One of the earliest descriptions of generalized tonic-clonic seizure was recorded over 3000 years ago in Mesopotamia, which was attributed to the God of the Moon. Epileptic seizures were described in ancient cultures including those of China, Egypt, and India. The word seizure is derived from Latin word "sacire", meaning, "to take possession of" indicating that the person having a seizure is possessed or at least out of control . The clinical symptoms in seizures could be motor, sensory, autonomic, or psychic events although in practice, when a patient presents to a health care system with a seizure it is usually a convulsive (motor) seizure, either generalized or focal. Acute symptomatic seizure can be defined as seizures that are provoked, situation related, occurring in close temporal relationship to a systemic or neurological insult directly or indirectly. Those affecting directly are due to denovo CNS disease like meningitis, encephalitis, stroke and head injury. Those affecting indirectly are systemic disorders leading to disordered homeostasis affecting the nervous system. Cumulative observations of many clinical investigators, along with adjunctive neurophysiologic, imaging and genetic tools created a well-accepted diversity in the etiologies of seizures in various age groups. In adults and elderly the frequent causes are cerebrovascular disease, brain tumors, alcohol withdrawal, metabolic disorders, degenerative diseases and idiopathic. With improved diagnostic facilities, the etiologies for acute symptomatic seizures can be identified and appropriately and effectively. This study is to analyze the acute symptomatic seizures occurring in adult age group. In a patient with new onset seizures more than 18 years, all efforts to identify the etiology should be made  Given the age of patients more than eighteen years with a seizure does not exceedingly favor any specific etiology.  Thorough search to rule out metabolic factors and infective causes as cause for seizures should be an early priority as these conditions are treatable.  CT brain and MRI are indispensable in patients more than 18 years with new onset seizures.

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