Effectiveness of Nursing Care on Patients with Mania

Sheela, K (2010) Effectiveness of Nursing Care on Patients with Mania. Masters thesis, Adhiparasakthi College of Nursing, Melmaruvathur.


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The present study was conducted to elicit the effectiveness of Nursing care of patients with Mania. A total number of 30 patients with Mania selected who met the inclusion criteria in Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research. The investigator first introduced herself to the patients and established good rapport with them. After selection of sample, assessment process had been conducted by Young Mania Rating Scale, among 30 patients 10 were in severe mental health deterioration and 20 were in moderate mental health deterioration. Based on the assessment a comprehensive nursing care was provided for the 30 patients. After a Nursing care 9 were in mild mental health deterioration, 18 were in moderate mental health deterioration and 3 were in severe mental health deterioration. In evaluated the Nursing care to the patient had improved thought process, prevented injury to self and others, reduced environmental stimuli, improved the social interaction and communication skills, improved nutritional status and improved the individual and family coping through individual psychotherapy, group therapy, family therapy and cognitive therapy. There was statistically significant improvement in mental health status of the patients with Mania in relation to the effectiveness of Nursing care. FINDINGS OF THE STUDY: The study findings showed that the following result. 1. When compared “S” value with “K”, statistically was a significant improvement in Mental health status of the patients with Mania. 2. The effectiveness of nursing care for the patients with Mania was associated with demographic variables It showed that there was significant association between demographic variables and the nursing care of patients with Mania. Hence the effectiveness of Nursing care was dependent of demographic variables. NURSING IMPLICATION: . Nursing intervention for patients focus helping the individual, family and community to achieve the optimum level of health status. NURSING EDUCATION: 1. The holistic health care approach should be emphasized more during the training period of nursing students. 2. Conference, workshops, seminars can be given for nurses to impart education towards the assessment of Mania patients. 3. Journals should be made available in nursing colleges and schools related to mental health. Nursing students should be made aware of importance of educating the public about promotion of mental health and prevention of mental illness. 4. Special nursing training course should be conducted in community health to impart specific knowledge. NURSING SERVICE: 1. Special training courses can be conducted to the mental health workers to handle the patients with Mania. 2. Nurse who are working in psychiatric ward should have enough knowledge about disease and care of patients with Mania. 3. Community mental health nurse can organize Mental health awareness camp to promote Mental health. 4. Nurse, as a counsellor should provide counselling and guidance to the patients and family members of the patients with Mania. 5. Nurse working in community should participate in National Mental health programme. NURSING ADMINISTRATION: 1. Nurse administrator should come forward to conduct health camps. 2. Organizing in service education Programmes for training health professionals in care of patients with Mania. 3. Organization of Mental health awareness programme in community setup. 4. Nurse Administrators can make necessary policies to implement of the counseling services for the Mania patients. NURSING RESEARCH: 1. The findings of the study help the psychiatric nurses and students to develop the inquiry by providing baseline. The general aspect of the study result can be made by further replications of the study. 2. A nurse researcher can provide supportive care measures which may improve psychological well being for the Mania patients and their families. 3. The nursing discipline must follow the evidence based practice, this will provide quality of nursing care. RECOMMENDATIONS: Keeping in view the finding of this study the following recommendations are made; 1. The study can be done in large sample size. 2. A comparative study can be conducted in community setup. 3. A explorative study can be conducted to identify the predisposing factors for Mania. 4. A study can be conducted to assess knowledge and skills of nurses regarding care of patients with Mania.

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