Role of Fibrin Tissue Adhesive in the ENT and Head & Neck Surgeries

Devendiran, R (2016) Role of Fibrin Tissue Adhesive in the ENT and Head & Neck Surgeries. Masters thesis, Stanley Medical College, Chennai.


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The tissue adhesives have been used for various surgical procedures as a part of reinforcement of surgical sutures. In our study, conducted in the department of ENT, Stanley medical college, Chennai, we have observed and evaluated the effectiveness of this biological fibrin tissue glue in our ENT & HEAD & NECK surgeries. OBJECTIVES : To observe and evaluate the effectiveness of biological fibrin tissue adhesive in the ENT and Head & Neck surgeries as a supplementary procedure to conventional techniques. METHODS : 40 patients have been chosen, after the execution of inclusion and exclusion criteria, based on review of literatures. Biological fibrin tissue glue TISSEEL has been used as supplementary to the conventional surgeries and the effects were evaluated post operatively. RESULTS : Out of 15 patients of total laryngectomy, 1 patient (6.6%) developed post op bleeding from the wound, 1 patient (6.6%) developed pharyngo cutaneous fistula. Out of 18 patients of tympanoplasty, 3 patients (16.6%) developed excessive granulation tissue in external auditory canal post operatively, 14 patients (77%), showed post operative hearing improvement, 1 patient (5.5%) deteriorated hearing level. 3 patients (16.6%) had residual perforation, 1 patient (5.5%) had recurrent disease. Of 5 patients of endoscopic CSF rhinorrhea repair, 1 patient (25%), developed meningitis and 1 patient had loss of smell. CONCLUSION : Though we had got comparable results to the conventional techniques, we cannot definitely come to conclusion that tissue glue surgeries are effective, because of our sample size was too small. We have to further study the same in large trails.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: fibrin tissue glue, tissue adhesive.
Subjects: MEDICAL > Otolaryngology
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Date Deposited: 11 Jan 2018 02:47
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