Clinicopathological Ananlysis of Ovarian Tumors and the Role of P53 and Ki-67 in Surface Epithelial Tumors of Ovary.

Gayathiri, G (2013) Clinicopathological Ananlysis of Ovarian Tumors and the Role of P53 and Ki-67 in Surface Epithelial Tumors of Ovary. Masters thesis, Thanjavur Medical College, Thanjavur.


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Ovarian Tumors Accounts For 6% Of All Cancer In Women49 .Ovarian Tumors Are The 5th Leading Cause Of Cancer Death In Women In India49. Annual Incidence Rate In India Is 9.0 Per 100,000 Population.Ovarian Tumors Accounts For 30% Among All Tumors Of Female Genital Tract 58. Tumors Of Ovary Generally Are More Prevalent In The Upper Socioeconomic Groups Due To Their Low Fertility Rate And There Is Aracial Predisposition Of Ovarian Cancers With Increased Risk Of Caucasians And Lower Risk For Black Women 70. About Two-Thirds Of Ovarian Tumors Occurs In Reproductiveage Group. Many Risk Factors Are Associated With Increasedprevalence Of Ovarian Tumors Most Importantly ,Age ,Positive Family History,Genetic Factors,Hormonal And Reproductive Factors42. Most Cases Are Sporadic, Only Around 5-10% Of Ovariancancers Are Hereditary. Women Having Inherited Mutations In BRCA-1 & BRCA2 Tumor Suppressor Gene Are At Increased Risk For Developing The Tumor 14,42. Abdominal USG & Serum CA-125 Measurement Were Usedas Screening Methods For Diagnosis Of Early Ovarian Carcinoma. Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology Is Used For Primary Diagnosis In A Patient With Advanced Disease And Also To Monitor Recurrences After Treatment With An Overall Accuracy Of Differentiating Benign From Malignant Ovarian Tumor Ranging From 90-95% 51. Preventive Measures That Could Be Recommended Onpopulation Wide Basis Are Diet Modifications, Cessation Of Smokingand Prophylactic Oophorectomy Isusually Done In Patients Having Higher Risk .14. Despite The Development Of New Diagnostic Andtherapeutic Strategies To Improve The 5- Yr Survival Rate ,Ovariancancer Still Remains The Deadliest Due To The Fact That Most Of Them Are Diagnosed Only In Advanced Stages Of Disease Where 5-Yr Survival Rate Falls Less Than 20% And Partly It Is Due To Paucity Of Knowledge About Exact Etiological Factors48. Any Persistent Ovarian Enlargement Is An Immediateindication For Surgical Assessment And Actual Diagnosis Rests With The Histopathological Examination Of Specimen. WHO Histological Classification Is Used For The Diagnosis Of Ovarian Tumors. They Are Categorised Into 3 Major Categories 1.Surface Epithelial -Stromal.2. Sex Cord –Stromal 3. Germ Cell Tumors 44,49. Histological Subtyping Of Surface Epithelial Stromal Tumorsinto Benign, Borderline & Malignant Has Therapeutic And Prognostic Significance. Histological Grade Is An Important Independentprognostic Factor In Patients With Surface Epithelial Stromal Tumor 49. Ovarian Serous Carcinoma Is Classified According To 2-Tier Grading System Into Low And High Grade And It Is Based On The Biological Evidence That These Tumors Develop From Different Pathways Of Gene Alterations3. P53 Immunohistochemical Staining Is Done To Provide An Update On Pathogenesis Of Low & High Grade Serous Carcinoma And Also Helps In Understanding The Pathogenesis Of Type I & Type II Ovarian Carcinomas3. Ki-67 Is A Cell Proliferation Marker. MIB1 Is A Murinemonoclonal Antibody Against Ki-67 Antigen8. Ki-67 Labelling Index Helps In The Differential Diagnosis Of Surface Epithelial Stromal Tumors Of Ovary34,35. This Study Is Undertaken In Order To Evaluate Theincidence Of Ovarian Neoplasms In Our Institution With Refrerrence To Age, Clinicopathological Features, Histopathological And Immunohistochemical Features Along With Immense Review Of Journals And Research Publications.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Clinicopathological Analysis ; Ovarian Tumors ; P53 ; KI-67 ; Surface Epithelial Tumors Ovary.
Subjects: MEDICAL > Pathology
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Date Deposited: 29 Jun 2017 01:41
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