A Histopathological Analysis of Prostatic Lesions and the Assessment of Prognosis with Immunohistochemistry.

Rajeswari, K (2009) A Histopathological Analysis of Prostatic Lesions and the Assessment of Prognosis with Immunohistochemistry. Masters thesis, Thanjavur Medical College, Thanjavur.


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Diseases Of The Prostate Account For Considerable Morbidity And Mortality Among Aging Population Worldwide.Patients Presenting With Prostatic Symptoms Account For 22% Of The Total Urology Cases,And Every 7 Th Patient Will Be Presenting With Urologic Emergency.(12,59) Prostatitis, Benign Nodular Hyperplasia And Prostatic Adenocarcinoma Are Common Diseases Affecting Men Commonly After Their Fifth Decade.(8,28,49) There Has Been Steadily Increasing Interest In Prostatic Pathology As Reflected By Numerous Publications In The Last Decade.(28) The Clinical And Basic Scientific Studies Have Led To A Better Understanding Of Previously Recognized Tumours And Morphologic Studies Have Described Many New Entities.(28,49) The Histopathologic Spectrum Of Prostatic Hyperplasia Has Been Broadened With Descriptions Of Several Variants And Work Done Primarily In The Last Two Decades Has Considerably Expanded Our Knowledge Of The Pathology And Biology Of Prostatic Adenocarcinoma,In Particular Its Possible Precursor Lesions,Special Histologic Variants And Prognostic Factors.(25,37,44) The Clinical Incidence Of Nodular Hyperplasia Is Only 8% During 4 Th Decade,But It Reaches 50% In The 5 Th Decade And 75% In The 8 Th Decade.It Has Been Estimated That The Process Begins Before The Age Of 30 And That Its Doubling Time Progressively Increases From The Early To Late Stages.(37,44,53,55) Prostatic Carcinoma Is The Leading Cause Of Newly Diagnosed Cancer In Western Men And Second Only To Lung Cancer As A Leading Cause Of Cancer Related Deaths In Men.(28) The Age Adjusted Incidence Is On The Rise In Most Countries Including India.(28,55,41) Almost 75% Of The Men Diagnosed With Prostatic Carcinoma Are Aged 65 Or Older,But The Tumours Can Be Seen Even In Children And Adolescents Though,Very Rarely.(11,12,21,28) Normal And Benign Glands May Contain Neutral Mucosubstances Whereas Invasive Carcinomas And Precursor Lesions May Harbour Acid Mucins.Thus Mucin Histochemistry May Be Used As An Ancillary Method For Diagnosing Diseases Of Prostate.(16,20,24,36) The Number Of Mitotic Figures Increased Progressively From Benign Epithelium Through Precursor Lesion To Malignancy.Hence,Elevation In The Proliferation Indices Of Ki – 67 Appears To Reflect Progression And Is Becoming An Important Diagnostic And Prognostic Factor.(4,12,13,32,33,45,49,53,55,59) This Study Is Undertaken In View Of Evaluating The Actual Incidence Of Different Prostatic Lesions In Semi Urban Area Like Thanjavur With Particular Attention To Proliferative Status Of Precancerous And Different Grades Of Frankly Malignant Lesions.In Addition, The Recent Literatures,Journals And Research Publications Regarding Prostatic Pathology Are Also Immensely Reviewed.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Histopathological Analysis ; Prostatic Lesions ; Assessment Prognosis ; Immunohistochemistry.
Subjects: MEDICAL > Pathology
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Date Deposited: 29 Jun 2017 01:20
Last Modified: 29 Jun 2017 01:20
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