A Clinical Study on Standardization of Siddha Diagnostic Methodology, line of Treatment and Dietary Regimen for Kudivery Noi (Alcohol Dependence)

Sukanya, R (2016) A Clinical Study on Standardization of Siddha Diagnostic Methodology, line of Treatment and Dietary Regimen for Kudivery Noi (Alcohol Dependence). Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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Alcoholism is one of the major threatening problem in the society like caste, race religious and social discremination. The human being who consumes little quantity of alcohol as social drinkers in the beginning and turns into alcohol dependence in the latter stage. Hence it is inferred that, one should abstrain from the habit of alcohol at any time. Man should realise that the alcohol damages the body and the soul. Alcohol grasps everything including his health, wealth, fame and all. To help mankind disentangle himself from the euphoria of alcohol addiction and to return to normally, the author has implemented the diagnostic methods of the siddhars for early diagnosis and intervention of the state and has elaborated the methods in the following study. In kudiveri Noi, the drug (Alcohol) is substance, other than food, Which when consumed produces changes in the physical or mental functioning of the individual. This state occurs when a drug (Alochol) is so central to person‘s thought, emotions and activities, that is extremely difficult to stop or even stop thinking, psychological dependence is marked by an intense craving for the drug. AIM : The aim of the study is to standardize the siddha Diagnositc Methodology, Line of Treatment and Dietary Regimen of - Kudiveri Noi‖ OBJECTIVES: Primary:- To study the clinical course of the disease - Kudiveri Nir‖ with keep observation on the Aetilogy pathology, Diagnosis, Prognosis, Complications and the Treatment by making use of siddha concept. To establish the unique diagnostic methods mentioned by siddhars to know how the disease - Kudiveri Noi‖ alters the normal conditions in Ennvagai thenvugal. To have an idea about incidence of the disease with Age, Sex, Socioeconomic status, Habit, Family history and life events. Secondary: To observe the clinical presentation of this disease. To document the Naadi Balachandra adangal, Thegyin Ilakkamam in ―Kudiveri Noi‖. To document the shape of the Nekuri in ―Kudiveri Noi‖ To establish the dietary regimen for this disease To follow the line of treatment of this disease. Conclusion: In kudiveri noi study subjects “Pitha vatham” Naadi was noted predominently. In neikurin test ―+‖ and ―star‖ shapes (Spreading nature of oil) were noted in (75%) of cases. The study proved that the siddha diagnostic techniques are less time taking, cost effective, easy to perform and non invasive. In varma point of view Balachandra adangal pulse was felt in most of the cases. It was noted that middle age group (30-39) were affected by kudiveri noi. And their mental and physical health were affected, directly results in socio-ocupational functions. In future studies tha author is determined to study and doucument the results elaborately and extensively about kudiveri noi.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Alcohol Dependence ; Kudivery Noi (குடிவெறி நோய்); Standardization ; Siddha Diagnostic Methodology ; line of Treatment ; Dietary Regimen ; Clinical Study.
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