A Clinical Evaluation of Adhimadhura Maathirai for Kanakazhichal (Bacillary Dysentery) in Children

Saranya, D (2016) A Clinical Evaluation of Adhimadhura Maathirai for Kanakazhichal (Bacillary Dysentery) in Children. Masters thesis, National Institute of Siddha, Chennai.


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Kanakazhichal in children is major health hazard in the developing tropical countries like India which affects the growing children. India is a country having larger population in the world, where people of different socio economic status are found. The poor children who lived in densely populated areas with poor sanitary facilities, lack of personal hygiene,contaminated food and water are the common cause of the disease. It is one among the major cause of morbidity in many countries in the world, So immediate care should be taken as soon as the outbreak of this disease is noticed in children. In modern system medicine they are treating the bacillary dysentery with antibiotics, the drug having some adverse effects like damaging the intestinal mucosa, malabsorption, and decreased intestinal transit time. The management of Kanakazhichal in Siddha system is not popularly known to the common peoples. The author would like to make awareness about the management of Kanakazhichal though Siddha medicine. So it is essential to find out a simple herbal drug to overcome Kanakazhichal. The drug should be easily available, cost effective, easily administered and also easily palatable. Adhimadhura maathirai is found to possess the all these characters . The drug Adhimadura mathirai is specified for Kanakazhichal in Siddha literature Balavagadam. The main ingredients of Adhimadura Mathirai like Adhimaduram, Sathikkai, Madhulam poo, having astringent and also have been found to possess an effective anti bacterial activity and seeragam have been found to be having antibacterial activity. AIM: To evaluate the clinical efficacy of ADHIMADHURA MAATHIRAI in the treatment of KANAKAZHICHAL OBJECTIVES: Primary objectives : To determine the therapeutic potential and effectiveness of the drug in treating of Kanakazhichal. Secondary Objectives : 1. To collect the literary evidence on Kanakazhichal as per siddha system. 2. Clinical evaluation of the disease in the aspects of etiology , pathology, clinical features , treatment, complications and prognosis. 3. To find out the incidence of Kanakazhichal with regard to low socio-economic condition , poor hygiene, and malnutrition. 4. Study of the disease under mukkutrangal, pori pulangal, udal kattugal, neerkuri, neikuri, envagai thervugal. 5. To highlight the factors like diet, land, climate conditions and personal hygienic conditions (Unavu, Thinai, Paruva kaalangal and Ozhukkam) in the incidence of Kanakazhichal. 6. To correlate the sign and symptoms, etiological factors of Kanakazhichal with Bacillary Dysentery in the modern literature. 7. Control of the disease by creating awareness of proper hygiene. 8. Being a herbal preparation it is safe and the drug easily available. 9. To evaluate efficacy of trail medicine on Anti microbial activity by in-vitro studies 10. To evaluate Physico chemical Analysis and Chemical analysis of trail drug. 11. To made awareness among the patients regarding this disease and its prevention. CONCLUSION : All the fourty out patient and in-patient childrens in the P.G Kuzhandhai Maruthuvam department , National Institute of Siddha,Chennai-47 with Kanakazhichal were treated with Adhimadhura Maathirai 1 tablet(580mg) with hotwater two times a day for 3 days. No adverse effects were noticed during the treatment period.The trial drug Adhimadhura Maathirai is purely herbal, easily available drugs and harmless to childrens. The method of preparation is easy and the cost is comparatively economical. The drugs had got Anti bacterial activity.clinical results were found to be good in 90% of cases and moderate results were found in 10% of cases. Because of the encouraging results clinically , the study may be undertaken with same medicine in a large number of cases and it may through new lights to the young researchers and academic community to develop good management procedure for the akazhichal.

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