Effectiveness of selected nursing intervention on identification of learning disability among teachers

Elizabeth, K Chacko (2011) Effectiveness of selected nursing intervention on identification of learning disability among teachers. Masters thesis, College of Nursing, Vel R.S. Medical College, Chennai.


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Children are gift from the god. They are born with the ability and capacity to learn. Children learn the complex system of the world with astonishing speed more than one can think of. Every individual is unique and there are some individuals who by virtue of their physical and mental abilities require a more relevant (or) appropriate instruction that is usually available. Education of disabled children has basic concepts and goals in common with the education of all children and this is where teachers play an important role. The teachers need to attend to the individual differences, need and with the provision of special services to the unnoticed, unserved and ignored population. A study was conducted to assess the effectiveness of selected nursing intervention on knowledge and attitude regarding identification of learning disability among teachers at selected schools, Avadi, Chennai, 2010-2011. The objective of the study was to assess the knowledge and attitude of teachers in experimental and control group with selected demographic variables. The study was conducted by adopting quasi experimental design and 60 teachers (30 experimental and 30 control group) who fulfilled the inclusion criteria were selected by using non probability purposive sampling technique. The conceptual framework adopted was based on Wiedenbach‟s helping are nursing theory. In this study structured questionnaire and modified 3-point Likert scale were used to assess the knowledge and attitude of teachers. Pretest revealed that 20 teachers had inadequate, 10 teachers had moderately adequate knowledge. Regarding attitude 9 teachers had unfavorable, 19 had moderately favorable, 2 had favorable attitude. After selected nursing intervention (lecture cum discussion, standardized checklist, booklet) a posttest was done which showed a significant increase in the level of knowledge and attitude which was statistically shown by 19 teachers with moderately adequate, 11 teachers with adequate knowledge. Similarly in attitude a favorable improvement was seen with 14 teachers with moderately favorable and 16 teachers with favorable attitude. And thus these methods of early identification followed by intervention will help the teachers to identify children with learning disability which in turn help to produce children who will be a great citizen in the future.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Nursing Intervention ; Identification ; Learning Disability ; Teachers.
Subjects: NURSING > Paediatric Nursing
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