A Study on Suram

Thirumagal, K (2016) A Study on Suram. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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“Disharmony is the cause of disease and therefore re-establishment of harmony is the cure” which is the proverb of our ancient system of siddha medicine. Siddha treatises describe disease in man do not originate in himself alone, but also from the environmental influences which act upon him. Our literature supports the fact that suram is established when we go wrong with the nature, in food, Lifestyle, behavior,emotions, etc., internally along with the external environment. Hence siddha text suggests suram under noinilai, and not merely a symptom. so suram may be comparable with fever and its symptoms. Fever in children is one of the most common manifestations of an illness which makes the parents seek medical attention early. Fever can be defined as a regulated elevation in body temperature above the customary set point of the hypothalamic thermostat. Siddha system of medicine which has an indigenous effect in clearing the root cause of the disease will be unique in clearing suram. Hence I hope the trial drug “vettumarankuligai” will be effective in curing suram. Suram may be due to body immune response (or) it can be the presenting feature of serious (or) life threatening disease, hence it develops an importance in clinical approach to the patients in order to distinguish the mild benign illness from those potentially more serious. AIM OF THE STUDY: To evaluate the clinical efficacy of the drug “vettumaran kuligai” to reduce increased temperature,and its presentations like heat, head ache,chills,muscle pain,malaise etc. OBJECTIVES: 1. To collect and review the ideas mentioned in the ancient siddha literature about the disease, 2. To study the disease suram on the basis of mukkutram udalthathukkal, kaalangal,neerkuri,neikuri,age, sex and economic status, 3. To use the modern parameters in the investigations of the disease that enhances to observe the progress of the patient, 4. To have clinical trial on “vettumaran kuligai”, 5. To evaluate the pharmacological study of the trial drug, 6. To study the biochemical analysis the trial drug, 7. To study the acute toxicity study of the trial drug. CONCLUSION: • The author has been selected dissertation topic were well analyzed on the siddha and modern parameters. • The points were thoroughly examined with clinical and biochemical analysis. • All the cases were treated with”vettumarankuligai”. • Clinical results were found to be satisfactory. • The medicine was free from adverse effects, clinically. • So it is concluded suram and its symptoms could be well treated and observed by a good medicine "vettumarankuligai". It briefs the suram in various origin along with diet restriction stated in siddha literature.

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