A Study on Sooli Kanam

Balaji, K (2016) A Study on Sooli Kanam. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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Medicine is an art of fundamental to the health survival of humanity. Siddha system of Medicine is unique and is perpetuating for centuries because of its merits. This system of medicine developed within the Dravidian culture, which is of pre-vedic period. It is a divine system of Medicine which speaks not only about Vingnanam but also about Meingnanam. Siddhars used herbs, metals, minerals and any organic material, available in the universe as a medicine, which shows their abundant knowledge in various branches of medicine. According to Siddha concept, Disease is caused when the normal equilibrium of 3 humours [Vatham, Pitham and Kabam] is disturbed. The factors which affect this equilibrium are environment, climatic conditions, diet and physical activities. ‘‘KuzhanthaiMaruthuvam’’ is one among the glorious branches of Siddha system inside which is hidden an enormous treasure for a healthy society. Here ‘‘SooliKanam’’ is specifically taken for the Dissertation Subject as it probably correlates with the Childhood Asthma, which is a respiratory disease encountered by a large population of children today and limits their daily activities. The Trial Drug ‘‘BalakabahariMathirai’’ is chosen on the basis of classical attributes of respective ingredients according to the doctrine of Suvai(taste) , Gunam(property), Pirivu(metabolic changes after digestion) ,Veeriam(potency) and Seigai(specific action which would pacify the vitiated humors in SooliKanam). Therefore I expect this Sasthric Medicine to be safe and efficient in reducing the symptoms of SooliKanam and bring quick recovery. AIM The principal aim of the present clinical study is to evaluate the efficacy of the Trial Drug ‘‘BalakabahariMathirai’’ in the treatment of SooliKanam without any side effects and to ensure a new approach in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. OBJECTIVES The Main objective of the present study is to create awareness about the Siddha system and to highlight the efficacy of Siddha drugs among the public. To explore the Etiology, Clinical Features, Diagnosis and Investigations of SooliKanam through various Siddha classical texts. To know the extent of correlation of Etiopathogenesis, Signs and Symptoms of SooliKanam with BalakabahariMathirai. To analyse the Biochemical, Pharmacological, Antimicrobial actions of the trial drug and its therapeutic phyto-constituents. To educate the Patients and their Parents in terms of prevention of disease, diet, habits and the importance of Pranayama and Yogasanas. CONCLUSION  The treatment of BalakabahariMathirai for SooliKanam showed good response.  No adverse effect were noticed during the course of treatment  The ingredients of trial medicine are easily available and harmless to children  The cost of the trial medicine is comparatively very low. Therefore it is concluded that the trial drug ‘‘BalakabahariMathirai’’ along with the modalities of Pranayama and Yogasanas will benefit the society in treating Childhood Asthma.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Sooli Kanam (சூலிக்கணம்).
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