Palpable Breast Lesions – Cytomorphological Analysis and Scoring System with Histopathological Correlation.

Sheeba, D (2009) Palpable Breast Lesions – Cytomorphological Analysis and Scoring System with Histopathological Correlation. Masters thesis, Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai.


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Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology Has Been Used To Diagnose Breast Cancer For Over 50 Years. In Recent Years, It Has Gained Acceptance As A Diagnostic Tool In Assessment And Management Of Mammary Lesions. With The Advent Of Mammography And Ultrasound, These Investigations Were Used To Recognize Breast Lesions. Regardless Of The Sex Of The Patient And The Method Used To Diagnose The Lesion, Cytological Techniques Play An Important Role In The Diagnosis Of Breast Lesions. Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology Is Successful In Identification Of Benign And Malignant Breast Lesions, But Its Role In Proliferative Breast Lesions Is Poorly Defined. To Expand The Role Of FNAC In Diagnosing Of Proliferative Breast Lesions, The Analysis Of Cytomorphological Features Of Proliferative Breast Lesions In Conjunction With Cytological Scoring System Proposed By Masood Et Al And With Histopathology Was Done. Relative Risk Of Developing Invasive Breast Cancer From Carcinoma In Situ, From Proliferative Breast Disease With Atypia, Proliferative Breast Disease Without Atypia And Non Proliferative Breast Disease Is Of The Order Of 8 – 10, 4 – 5 , 1.5 – 2 , And 1 Respectively1. Hence, It Is Very Important To Identify Proliferative Breast Disease. This Study Was Undertaken To Categorise The Breast Lesions Into Four Categories Depending On Nuclear Dissociation, Myoepithelial Cells, Pleomorphism Of Cells, Anisonucleosis, Nuclear Chromatin And Nucleoli. The Four Categories Are 1. Non-Proliferative Breast Disease, 2. Proliferative Breast Disease Without Atypia 3. Proliferative Breast Disease With Atypia 4. Carcinoma. The Categorization Of Proliferative Breast Lesions By FNA Remains A Challenge To The Pathologist And The Cytologic Criteria Need To Be Further Defined And Assessed. Decreasing The Number Of Diagnostic Categories Is Likely To Improve The Correlation Between The Cytologic And Histologic Diagnoses Without Compromising Patient Management.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Palpable Breast Lesions – Cytomorphological Analysis ; Scoring System ;Histopathological Correlation.
Subjects: MEDICAL > Pathology
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