A study of carpal tunnel syndrome and computer vision syndrome among regular computer users and effect of yogic exercises in them.

Subhalakshmi, S (2016) A study of carpal tunnel syndrome and computer vision syndrome among regular computer users and effect of yogic exercises in them. Masters thesis, Tirunelveli Medical College, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India.


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Computer use is increasingly common among working populations. Currently it is estimated that, about 75% of working activities of all jobs involve computer use. On one hand these computers have made lives so much easy but on the other hand have created many human health related problems. This negative risks associated with the usage of these computers are increasing with their growing demand day by day.Several studies suggested that long term computer users are at increased risk for carpal tunnel syndrome(CTS) and other work related musculoskeletal disorders of the upper extremities. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is the syndrome which occurs due to compression of median nerve within the carpal tunnel. Hence, it is very important to diagnose this condition at an early stage and we can treat as early as possible and also restore the normal use of hands and wrist. In the beginning, studies were mainly focused on radiation hazards but gradually ophthalmic complaints due to video display terminals(VDT) exposure became the main focus and the term computer vision syndrome(CVS) was born. Prolonged computer usage without taking a break leads to eyestrain. Traditionally these computer related health disorders have been treated with wrist splint, application of anti-inflammatory agents, steroid injection therapy, application of artificial tears, avoidance of occupational duties and surgery. Yoga and relaxation technique have been used to reduce the musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) and computer related ophthalmic symptoms Extensive and prolonged computer use has given rise to computer related health disorders. Carpal tunnel syndrome and computer vision syndrome are the common problems among them. Yogic exercises help to reduce these problems. The improvement in CTS and CVS was statistically significant. This indicates poor work station design, improper posture, working in a computer for a longer duration without taking break accelerates the symptoms and these can be corrected or reduced by regular yogic exercises and special attention should be given to these regular computer users.To conclude, regular computer users with CTS and CVS can be advised yogic exercises for improvement of computer related health problems.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Computer vision syndrome; Computer users; Yogic exercises
Subjects: MEDICAL > Physiology
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Date Deposited: 27 Jun 2017 10:56
Last Modified: 27 Jun 2017 10:56
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