A Study to Assess Level of Knowledge and Attitude on Problems related to Drug Dependence among College Students in a Selected College at Nagercoil

Jayanthi, C (2011) A Study to Assess Level of Knowledge and Attitude on Problems related to Drug Dependence among College Students in a Selected College at Nagercoil. Masters thesis, College of Nursing, Vel R.S. Medical College, Chennai.


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Drug dependence is a universal phenomenon with its roots in history and tradition. The adolescence is a period of biological growth and maturation, self discovery and social adaptation. The drug use may provide some pleasurable effects. The heavy and continuous use often results in disruption in the functioning of an individual as well as societies. Public health concern about drug abuse and associated risk behaviours in young people is increasing, especially among college students who, in some countries, appear to be at particularly high risk. Indeed, the leading cause of injury and death among college students and young adults. Studies from different parts of the world have shown that college students have a higher prevalence of drug abuse and its disorders, than noncollege youth. This could be attributed to the well established developmental phase college students go through, in which they are away from home, family and longstanding friendships. The objective of the study was to assess knowledge and attitude on problems related to drug dependence among college students. A descriptive research design was adopted for this study. The study was conducted in Nesamony Memorial Christian College of Arts and Science, Nagercoil, the samples were selected by purposive sampling technique, among 400 college students, 200 were male and 200 were females. The data was collected from college students who fulfilled the inclusion criteria by using multiple choice questions to assess knowledge and three point Likert scale to asses attitude. The interview was conducted in English. Ethical aspects were considered throughout the study. The conceptual framework adopted for this study was modified Pender’s Health Promotion Model. The study findings revealed that among 400 college students, 5% of the students had adequate knowledge, 79.75% of the students had moderately adequate knowledge and 15.25% of the students had inadequate knowledge regarding problems related to drug dependence. It also revealed that 4.5% of the students had favorable attitude, 60.75% of the students had moderately favorable attitude and 34.75% of the students had unfavorable attitude regarding problems related to drug dependence. The psychiatry nurse, as a nurse educator should aim at reorienting general education system and professional curriculum to suitably incorporate the preventive measures and management strategies regarding drug abuse and dependence. As a psychiatric nurse the investigator has provided information to the entire subjects about problems of drug dependence and methods to overcome substance using thoughts.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Knowledge, Attitude, Problems, Drug Dependence, College Students, Nagercoil.
Subjects: NURSING > Psychiatric Nursing
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