A Study on Urinary Cytology with Histopathological Correlation in Lesions of Urinary Bladder.

Sumathi, M (2009) A Study on Urinary Cytology with Histopathological Correlation in Lesions of Urinary Bladder. Masters thesis, Madurai Medical College.


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Cytologic Examination Of A Urine Specimen Is A Simple, Safe, And Inexpensive Method That May Uncover A Hidden Urothelial Cancer. Since The Entire Mucosal Surface, Including The Farthest Reaches Of The Urinary Tract, Is Bathed In This Easily Obtainable Fluid, In Theory, Urine Is The Perfect Specimen To Examine For Evidence Of Tumor. Urine Cytology Is Primarily Used For Diagnosis Of Symptomatic Patients, Detection Of Cancer In High-Risk Patients (Eg, Those Exposed To Industrial Chemicals And Metals, Cigarette Smokers, And Those With Schistosomiasis), And Follow-Up Of Patients With History Of Urinary Tract Neoplasia. It Complements, But Does Not Replace, Cystoscopy And Biopsy. However, Lesions May Be Detected Cytologically Before They Can Be Seen Cystoscopically. Urinary Cytologic Examination Is Capable Of Detecting Small Or Hidden Lesions (Eg, In Diverticuli). Urinary Cytology Can Detect Most Aggressive Neoplasms As Well As Carcinoma In Situ. Patients With Low-Grade Noninvasive Tumors Can Be Followed Up Cytologically. Patients With Negative Cytologic Findings Have A Very Low Risk Of Recurrence, While High-Grade Cytologic Abnormalities Predict An Aggressive Tumor Course (Harving 1989). As The Incidence Of Urothelial Carcinoma Increases, So Too Does The Demand For Urine Cytology. Accuracy Of Diagnosis Is Always Important, But Conservative Management Of Bladder Cancer Depends On Accurate Cytodiagnosis. Clinical History Is Imperative For The Reduction Of Misdiagnoses. A Variety Of Newer Diagnostic Techniques, Including Flow Cytometry, Image Analysis/Quantitative Cytology, Cytogenetics, Immunology (Eg, Blood Group Isoantigens And Monoclonal Antibodies To A Variety Of Tumor-Associated Antigens) And Molecular Biology Have Been Studied In An Effort To Increase Diagnostic Accuracy. However, At Least For The Moment, Urinary Cytopathologic Examination Remains One Of The Most Clinically Useful Means Of Diagnosing Urothelial Cancer And Predicting Its Biologic Behavior And Hence This Work Is Taken Up

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Urinary Cytology ; Histopathological Correlation ; Lesions ; Urinary Bladder.
Subjects: MEDICAL > Pathology
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Date Deposited: 27 Jun 2017 11:21
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