Focused Counseling and Adequate Utilization of Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Services - Its Impact on Maternal and Infant Morbidity.

Arunmozhi, R (2015) Focused Counseling and Adequate Utilization of Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Services - Its Impact on Maternal and Infant Morbidity. Doctoral thesis, Institute of Child Health & Hospital for Children, Chennai.


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Pregnancy and childbirth are considered as normal physiological processes and is looked forward to with a sense of anticipation and joy. As anticipated many women have a very pleasant and fulfilling experience. But some women experience innumerable suffering during pregnancy, in the process of giving birth and in the postpartum period. This is because all women remain at potential risk of developing complications during pregnancy, labor or pregnancy termination, and the postpartum period. The most dangerous period for the mother and infant is the immediate postpartum period especially in the first 6 hours following delivery. Most maternal deaths occur during this period and many of these complications cannot be identified in advance. Complications related to pregnancy and deliveries are the most common causes of mortality among women of reproductive age group Worldwide more than two lakh women died due to pregnancy and childbirth related causes in 2013. India and Nigeria accounted for one third of maternal deaths across the globe.1 It is known that for every mother who dies, between 30 to 100 women have acute maternal morbidities that are painful, debilitating and often permanently disabling. Tamil Nadu is one of the better performing states in maternal and child health indicators in India. The state has invested in the health care delivery system to provide accessible quality service to its people. The desired results can be achieved when people make adequate use of these services. The antenatal visits should be utilized to provide them with recommended maternal and child health services and counseling. Professionally qualified counselors should be engaged to provide supportive counseling to suit the needs of individual women and their families. This would help them to adopt measures to improve the health status of the mother and the infant.

Item Type: Thesis (Doctoral)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Focused; Counseling; Utilization; Maternal and Child Health; Services; Infant Morbidity
Subjects: MEDICAL > Community medicine.
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