Clinicopathological Correlation of Estrogen Receptor Alpha Gene Polymorphism and Estrogen Receptor Status in Breast Cancer: A Study of 153 cases

Hemavathy, N (2013) Clinicopathological Correlation of Estrogen Receptor Alpha Gene Polymorphism and Estrogen Receptor Status in Breast Cancer: A Study of 153 cases. Masters thesis, Stanley Medical College, Chennai.


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Seldom Has A Disease Evoked More Interest And Dreadful Fear In The Common Man Like It Has For Cancer. Breast Cancer, Amongst All Cancers,Continue To Evoke Such Responses And Even More Research, Especially Since The Treatment Involves Surgery Which Leaves Physical And Emotional Scars In Its Victims. Breast Carcinoma Is The Commonest Cancer In Women. It Is The Leading Cause Of Death In Women, With More Than One Million Cases Occuring Worldwide Annually .Breast Cancer Represent An Important Public Health Issue, Having A High Occurence Worldwide, With An Obvious Increasing Tendency.(2). In High Income Countries Breast Cancer Is The Predominant Cause For Mortality In Females Aged 20-59years. The Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus Is Having The First Reference To Breast Cancer.This Surgical Text,Described In Hieractic Script, Is The Incomplete Copy Of An Original Record That Dates Back To The Pyramid Age Of Egypt(3000-2500BC).(3). The Incidence Of Cancer Has Been On Rise Worldwide .Breast Cancer Incidence Accounts For 16% Of All Breast Cancers,As Per The WHO Cancer Control And Prevention Programme.It Is Calculated That 51,9000 Women Died Owing To Breast Malignancy In 2004.Inspite Of The Fact, Breast Cancer Is Thought To Be A Disease Of The Developed World, Majority Of Breast Cancer Mortality(69%) , Is In Developing Countries (4). Hence .Breast Cancer Has Emerged To Be One Of The Leading Cancer Killer Amongst Women Worldwide. Over The Last Few Decades There Have Been Better Advances In Breast Cancer. Earliest Detection And Skillfull Treatment Has Leading To Significant Decline In Breast Cancer Deaths. It Has Also Made Improved Outcome For Women Living With Disease. Breast Cancer Is No Longer Seen As Single Disease But Rather A Multifaceted Disease Consisting Of Diverse Biological Subtypes With Distinct Natural History. Breast Cancer Presents As A Varied Spectrum Of Clinial ,Pathological And Molecular Features With Diverse Prognostic And Therapeutic Implications. Estrogen Is The Steroid Hormone, Responsible For Development And Maturation Of Primary And Secondary Sexual Characteristics In Females.(5).Estrogen Has An Important Role In Pathogenesis And Development Of Breast Cancer(6). Estrogen Receptor Is An Intracellular Protein Molecule. They Are Targets For Estrogen Action. Estrogen Receptor Normally Resides In Cells Nucleus ,Along With DNA Molecules. Estrogen Receptor Alpha Gene Polymorphism Leads To Alteration In Estrogen Receptor Function In Breast Cancer(7). This Study Is Aimed To Ascertain Whether Pvull Polymorphism In ER Alpha Gene Has A Role In The Causation Of Breast Cancer.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Clinicopathological Correlation ; Estrogen Receptor Alpha Gene Polymorphism; Estrogen Receptor Status Breast Cancer - A Study.
Subjects: MEDICAL > Pathology
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Date Deposited: 27 Jun 2017 11:39
Last Modified: 24 Mar 2020 15:20

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