Detection of H.Pylori and its Association with Subtypes of Immunohistochemical Gastric Carcinomas.

Jayanthi, V (2008) Detection of H.Pylori and its Association with Subtypes of Immunohistochemical Gastric Carcinomas. Masters thesis, Stanley Medical College, Chennai.


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Gastric carcinoma is estimated to be the second most common cancer in the world.1. The incidence of gastric carcinoma shows marked variations from place to place. INDIA - 8.9/100000 USA - 10/100000 JAPAN - 79.9/100000 ENGLAND - 18.5/100000 These epidemiological data make it clear that gastric carcinoma incidence is determined by the environmental factors.1 Incidence of gastric carcinoma stomach in Government Stanley Medical College Hospital, Chennai is the following Year Total number of Ca Stomach malignancies 2005 1117 217 2006 1110 210 Stomach is the commonest site for cancer in our hospital. Till recently research on the environmental causes of gastric carcinoma focused primarily on diet. The identification of Helicobactor pylori in chronic inflammatory conditions of the stomach has stimulated interest in its potential role in carcinogenesis. Infection with H.pylori is very common througout the world, occurring in 40-50% of the population in developed countries and 80-90% of the population in developing countries. High rates of H.pylori infection have also been found in patients with cancer or precancerous conditions (especially in chronic atrophic gastritis). There are many cross sectional and retrospective studies in many parts of the world which give the causal association between H.pylori infection and gastric cancer. But in Tamilnadu, where gastric carcinoma is prevalent, there are no such studies and this study is intended to know the association between H.pylori and subtypes of gastric adenocarcinomas based on their degree of differentiation (grading) and use of Immonohistochemistry in identifying the organism, especially the coccoid forms along with Giemsa staining for H.pylori and to compare the efficacy of Immonohistochemistry and Giemsa stain.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Detection of H.Pylori ; Association Subtypes; Immunohistochemical; Gastric Carcinomas.
Subjects: MEDICAL > Pathology
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