Bilateral Breast Cancers – Is it a Systemic Manifestation or New Contralateral Disease?

Muralikannan, M J (2015) Bilateral Breast Cancers – Is it a Systemic Manifestation or New Contralateral Disease? Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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AIMS & OBJECTIVES: The Aim of the study was to evaluate the available criterias for the diagnosis of bilateral breast cancers and a review of current literature regarding the same. The Objective was to compare the hagensen’s clinical criteria with the chaudary & mills and robbins and berg pathological criteria and review about the molecular profiling of breast cancer specimens. METHODS & RESULTS: The Study included the patients who had bilateral breast cancers diagnosed by the hagensen’s clinical criteria. Analysis of their age, interval between the two cancers, pathological classification, receptor status, metastatic work up, clinical staging was also done. There were around 14 patients with bilateral breast cancers who were diagnosed by the Hagensen’s clinical criteria. The Chaudary & Mills pathological criteria and the Robbins and berg pathological criteria were not found to be supporting the hagensen’s criteria. Furthur, the mean age of the patients was 49 years in synchronous cancers whereas it was 46-48 years in metachronous cancers.. All the cancers were Infiltrating ductal carcinoma with triple receptor negativity. There was no distant metastasis. CONCLUTION: The differentiation of a bilateral breast cancer into a metastasis or a second primary, i.e., systemic manifestation or a new contralateral disease is possible by Hagensen’s clinical criteria. The use of robbins and berg criteria or the chaudary and millis criteria are subjective. A definite relationship has been established between the bilateral breast cancers incidence and the triple negativity of breast cancers, i.e., Basal-like group of invasive ductal NST cancers.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Bilateral Breast Cancers ; Systemic Manifestation ; New Contralateral Disease.
Subjects: MEDICAL > General Surgery
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