Effect of Different Polymers and Additives on Felodipine USP Extended Release Tablets

Pratyusha, M N D (2012) Effect of Different Polymers and Additives on Felodipine USP Extended Release Tablets. Masters thesis, K.K College of Pharmacy, Chennai.

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The purpose of the present work is to study the effect of different polymers and additives on the felodipine USP of strength 10 mg comparable to the branded product PLENDIL To accomplish the objective API characterization and reference product evaluation was carried out.The drug and the excipient were subjected to preformulation studies, which encompasses the Drug excipient compatibility. Wet granulation technique was chosen to develop a finished pharmaceutical product of envisaged form. Various formulations (F1-F13) were taken.In these formulations, Drug excipient ratio was varied and the effect of polymers and Binder on the performance of the both blend as well as tablets was studied. The formulation F1 which has no HPC and has only Methocel 100LVCR showed poor release characteristics and formulation F2 which has HPC high viscosity grade showed a slightly better profile where as F3 which has HPC low viscosity grade shoed a profile which matches with that of the innovator. The formulation F4 and F5,F4 which has Methocel 100 LVCR at a higher concentration showed less release when compared with F3 where as F5 which has a lower concentration of the same polymer showed a higher release The formulation F6 which has Methocel E 50 releases a higher amount of the drug when compared with F3 where as the drug release from F7 which has MethocelK4MCR was very low. In the formulation F8,F9 and F10, it can be seen that F8, which did not have Cremophor the drug release was very poor.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Polymers; Felodipine; USP Extended Release Tablets
Subjects: PHARMACY > Pharmaceutics
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