Analysis of functional outcome following total knee arthroplasty in patients from low socioeconomic status

Gunalan, K (2012) Analysis of functional outcome following total knee arthroplasty in patients from low socioeconomic status. Masters thesis, Coimbatore Medical College, Coimbatore.


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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: To study the functional outcome following total knee replacements in patients from low socioeconomic status and assess the set of problems unique to this group. METHOD: In our study, we had analysed the functional outcome of patients with chronic arthritis of knee between the age of 40-70 and had undergone total knee replacement in Coimbatore medical college or other private hospitals under state government scheme but had followed up in our hospital due to financial constraints. A total of 42 to patients who had undergone knee replacement 28 female patients, 14 male patients. We had evaluated the functional outcome using American knee society score, pain relief and documented the complications. The satisfaction of the patient was also analysed, based on the patients level of activity, pain relief,mode of transport RESULTS: In our study, 66 % of the patients comprised of females and 34 % of males. In this study 20% of patients of patients had excellent results, 23% of patients had poor results, 58 percent of patients had good to fair results. Satisfaction among patients was poor 58% of patients were not satisfied with their replaced knee. A number of patients had developed complications, knee stiffness , infection, persistent pain were predominant complications CONCLUSION: In our study we saw that patients from low socio economic status had lower levels of satisfaction, also the patients in the study had a higher rate of complications. The patients also had lower functional outcome. Patients from lower socioeconomic who had excellent outcomes may be considered as the ideal candidate for joint replacement. From this study we conclude that patients from lower socio economic status are not very ideal candidates for joint replacement.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Chronic arthritis, Total knee replacement, Low socio economic status, complications of total knee replacement, functional outcome.
Subjects: MEDICAL > Orthopaedics
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Date Deposited: 18 Sep 2017 01:13
Last Modified: 18 Sep 2017 01:13

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