Efficacy of strengthening exercises and endurance exercises for neck muscles in reducing pain and disability in patients with mechanical neck pain – A Comparative Study.

Ganapathy Murugan, GR (2012) Efficacy of strengthening exercises and endurance exercises for neck muscles in reducing pain and disability in patients with mechanical neck pain – A Comparative Study. Masters thesis, College of Physiotherapy, Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Paramedical Sciences, Coimbatore.


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INTRODUCTION: Neck pain is common condition of the cervical spine which occurs when there is a change in the normative physiologic and anatomic state. Pain is defined as a sensation characterized by a group of unpleasant perceptual and emotional experience that triggers autonomic, psychologic, and somatomotor responses associated with actual or potential damage to the tissues. Mechanical neck pain may be defined as pain secondary to overuse of normal anatomic structure or pain secondary to injury or deformity of anatomic structure. Neck pain is considered to be chronic if it lasts for more than 3 months of duration and pain that continues after the stimulus has removed or the tissue damage heals. Mechanical neck pain is becoming increasingly prevalent in society estimations indicated that 67% of individuals will suffer neck pain at some stage throughout life. OBJECTIVES: The study aims to evaluate the effect of isometric neck muscle strengthening exercises and endurance training exercise by • To relieve pain, • To increase range of motion, • To improve functional ability in neck pain patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Female patients between age group 25 to 50 years with Mechanical neck pain are taken. The patients were primarily diagnosed and evaluated by the physician. The patient who fulfill the inclusion criteria have taken for the study and informed consent was obtained from the patients. MATERIALS: The study was designed to determine the efficacy of isometric neck muscle strengthening exercises to decrease pain and to increase range of motion in patients with mechanical pain in neck. Parameters - Pain- Visual Analog Scale (VAS), Disability-Vernon neck Disability index . MATERIALS USED: • Theraband, • High bucked wooden chair, • Goniometer, • Inch tape, • Couch, METHODOLOGY: Study Design -The study was conducted with two groups- comparative study. Study Setting - The study was conducted in the department of physiotherapy, Sri Ramakrishna hospital, Coimbatore. Study Duration - The study was conducted for 6 months. Treatment Duration - Both groups received treatment for 4 weeks, daily 2 sessions per day with 10 repetitions per session. Sampling - Mechanical neck pain patients or included in this study, according to inclusion criteria hence this will be a convenient sampling. Group A : Strengthening exercises to neck muscles & Group B : Endurance training to neck muscle. Inclusion Criteria: Idiopathic • Subjects between the age groups of 25-50 yrs • Subjects suffering from mechanical neck pain more than three months • Localized pain in neck. Exclusion Criteria: Previous neck surgery. • A history of malignancy • Fracture of cervical spine • Traumatic injury around cervical spine • Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis • Chronic tension type head ache • Severe physical disease • Patients treated with anti-depressive and anti-inflammatory drugs • Disk prolapse • Cervical rib • Frequent Migraine • Cervical spondylosis • Peripheral nerve entrapment • Sternocleidomastoid tightness. CONCLUSION : The study was done to find out optimal treatment strategy for Mechanical neck pain. Isometric neck muscle strengthening exercises and endurance training is a useful preventive approach for mechanical neck pain. Based on statistical analysis, it is clear that treatment protocol using Isometric neck muscle strengthening exercises (using thera-band) is significantly more effective. Hence the null hypothesis is rejected and alternate hypothesis is accepted stating that. "There is significant difference in the symptomatic recovery on using Isometric neck muscle strengthening exercises in patients with mechanical neck pain".

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: strengthening exercises ; endurance exercises ; neck muscles ; reducing pain ; disability ; patients ; mechanical neck pain ; Comparative Study.
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