An Inspective interpretation of cardiorespiratory endurance among smokers and non-smokers in college level sportsmen

Vijayaperumal, M (2012) An Inspective interpretation of cardiorespiratory endurance among smokers and non-smokers in college level sportsmen. Masters thesis, Nandha College of Physiotherapy, Erode.


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INTRODUCTION : Sports holds predominant place in modern life. The Impact of sports on modern society has made it clear that sports are a very legitimate field of academic study. Sports participation and appreciation have become integral part of the life. Very few smokers know or will acknowledge the fact that, on average their life span is shortened by five and a half minutes for each cigarette smoked approximately as the cigarette lasts. It has been proved that smoking has a deleterious effect on health and that it has become the most prevalent form of drug dependence. The physiological changes that affect the health occur in human body as a consequence of smoking. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY : In light of the above, the present study may provide some significant contributions in the following aspects: * The results of this study will help the players to know their cardiorespiratory endurance level. * The results of the study will give an idea to the smokers in sports about their reduced performance due to smoking. * The results may help the players to prevent them from their early retirement of their sporting activities * It would give guidance to the sports physiotherapist to care about the cardio-respiratory endurance of sports-men. METHODS : To execute this investigation, the researcher employed random sampling method. Forty players were selected as subjects from football, cricket, hockey, basketball; volley ball disciplines who are studying at various institutions of Nandha, involved in sports activities, and among forty players twenty smokers and twenty non-smokers were taken. The age of subjects were ranged from 18 to 24 years. Among the physical fitness components cardio-respiratory endurance of the players was selected as criterion variable. The reliability of the data was ensured by confirming the instrument’s reliability, tester’s competency, orientation of subjects. RESULTS : The mean values of cardio-respiratory endurance on smokers and nonsmokers were 2190 meters and 2302 meters respectively, by cooper’s 12 minute run/walk test. The obtained t ratio of 9.66 was significant at 0.05 level for degrees of freedom of thirty eight. CONCLUSION : Within the limitations of the present study the following conclusions are drawn : There is significant decrease of cardio-respiratory endurance in the sports men who are smoking. The incidence of cramps, fatigue was reported more in smokers than in non-smokers.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Inspective interpretation, cardiorespiratory endurance, smokers, non-smokers, college level sportsmen.
Subjects: PHYSIOTHERAPY > Sports Physiotherapy
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Date Deposited: 23 Aug 2017 02:30
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