A Clinico Pathological Study of Gliomas.

Premalatha, S (2008) A Clinico Pathological Study of Gliomas. Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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Brain Tumors Are Among The Common Neoplasms Of Humans. Primary Central Nervous Tumors Are The 6th Most Common Tumors In Adults. Patients Tend To Concentrate In Institutions Where Diagnostic And The Therapeutic Services Are Available. The Incidence Of Brain Tumors Is Around 5-6/1,00,000 Population. Supratentorial Brain Tumors Constitute About 80% Of Brain Tumors In Adults And 40% Of Tumors In Paediatric Population. Brain Neoplasms Are Found In 2% Of Autopsy Series And Account For 1% Of All The Hospital Admissions.31 Gliomas Are The Most Common Primary Tumors Of The CNS And Represent Approximately One Third Of All The Intracranial Tumors In Adults. The Therapeutic Management And Prognosis In Patients With Gliomas Depend On The Reliable Distinction Between Low And High Grade Gliomas. Diagnosis Of Brain Tumors May Be Delayed As The Initial Symptoms And Signs Are Vague And Non Specific. The Symptoms Include Headache, Focal Seizures And Focal Neurological Deficits With Clinical Examination Revealing Raised Intracranial Tension Or Focal Neurological Deficits. Therefore The Clinicians Rely Heavily On Imaging For An Early And Accurate Diagnosis. Both CT And MRI Provide Excellent Anatomical Details And Information Regarding The Presence, Location And Extent Of Brain Tumors. Computed Tomography Is The Baseline Imaging Modality To Evaluate Patient With Gliomas. Although CT Scan Has Proved To Be An Effective Method For The Diagnosing Supratentorial Tumors, Infiltrative Lesions With Attenuation Similar To Normal Structure May Not Be Imaged Unless They Are Large Enough To Cause Significant Mass Effect. Superficially Situated Tumors Are Also Often Obscured By Artifacts Caused By Calvaria. It Is Estimated 11.5% Of Hemispheric Tumors Are Not Demonstrated By CT.1 The Neurosurgical Care And Prognosis Of Patients With Cerebral Gliomas Depend On The Accurate Definition Of Tumor Grade. The Imaging Characteristics Of Gliomas Are Not Specific Enough To Obviate The Need For Biopsy.1

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