A Study on Oruthalai Vaatham

Mahendiran, M (2009) A Study on Oruthalai Vaatham. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.


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INTRODUCTION : According to Sidhar’s philosophy, disease in man do not originate himself, but influence which act upon him. As already stated, man is compared to the world, so any change in the elementary condition of external world has its corresponding change in the human organism. There is the feeling of oneness between the external and the internal world of man, and its is upon this oneness that the doctrine of humoural pathology i.e. the theory of Thridoshas (முப்பிணி) is based. This may occur through different causes viz. 1. Derangement of the three humours, 2. Astral influences, 3. Poisonous substances, 4. Psycholigical causes, 5. Spiritual causes, 6. Disease originating from the soul. In Yugi Vaithiya chindamani, Yugi described 80 types of vadha disease, “Orutahalai Vaatham” is one of the entity of the vadha disease. AIM : The main aim of this study is to evaluate the pathology of the disease oruthalai vaatham with the help of siddha and modern parameters. To study the disease on the basis of Siddha physilogoy (Iyarkai thathuvam) and Siddha pathology (Noi-Naadal) emphasizing more impotance to Mukkutram, Suvaigal, Panjaboodha theory, Aayul thoda nirnayam, Udal thadhukal and dignosis the patient, on the basis of Ennvagai thervugal and confirm the prognosis of the disease. OBJECTIVES : The objectives marked out to aspire the above said words : To collect all literary evidences above Oruthalai Vaatham in the topic of its synonyms of definitions, aetiology classifications, signs and symptoms, humoral pathogenesis, fate of the disease from various literature in siddha aspect. * To concentrate the clinical course of the disease Oruthalai Vaatham by observing carefully the aetilogy, pathogenesis (Mukkutra Verupadu), Clinical feature, diagnosis and prognosis of the disease. * To study the details about the incidence of the disease with age, sex occupations, thinai, socio-economic status, habits and prevalence. * To pave way for further studies and research in this field. MATERIALS AND METHODS : The clinical study on oruthalai vaatham was carried out Post Graduate department of Noi Naadal branch. Case selection and supervision The following 10 cases selection and supervision was done in Dr.Alagesan Neuro Centre, G.K. Hospital Madurai. According to the finding of Ennvagaithervu on oruthalai vaatham as mentioned by Yugi vaithiya chinthamani. The patients are carefully examined systematically under the supervision of the professor and other staffs of post graduate Noi Naadal department. The detailed history of the patients and past illness and family history were observed. Typical pictures of 10 cases was evaluated under the siddha and modern parameters. Evaluation of the clinical parameters: The detailed history and clinical features of the patients were taken carefully, The clinical history, Detail history of present and past illness, Personal family history. CONCLUSION : Identification of disease and its pathogenesis are per requiste for medical practice. A detailed history taking, clinical examinations as per siddha guidelines is necessary to arrive at precise diagnosis. The study on Oruthalai Vaatham was carried out in the dissertation, giving importance to the characteristics of the disease like one side headache, lancinating pain, lacrimation, burning sensation of the eye, Deep expiration, Trembling of the body due to fear, Short and frequent feeble cough, loss of appetite, horripillation. Diagnosis can be carried out by detailed history taking, classical clinical examination of siddha system via Envagaithervugal including Neerkuri, Neikuri, and changes in seven physical constituents and three humours. This study on Oruthalai Vaatham may be correlates with cluster headache which has given relevance to modern clinical entity.

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