A Study on Korai Kizhangu Choornam (Cyperus rotundus - Linn) for Kuthi Kaal Vatham and A Study on Palagarai Parpam for Vellai Noi.

Kavitha, P (2008) A Study on Korai Kizhangu Choornam (Cyperus rotundus - Linn) for Kuthi Kaal Vatham and A Study on Palagarai Parpam for Vellai Noi. Masters thesis, National Institute of Siddha, Chennai.


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INTRODUCTION : Herbal medicines have become popular form of therapy. A drug from an herbal source would have ready acceptability by the masses as it suits the psychology of the people at large. They are often perceived as being nature and therefore harmless and cheap. The herbs also contain lot of essential minerals needed for human health. The incidence of Kuthi kaal vatham is increasing now-a-days because of negligence, It creates a lot of stress and strain to the patient. Hence it needs good medication for recovery. The drug Korai Kizhangu is indicated for Kuthi kaal vatham in Gunapaadam Mooligai Vaguppu, So the author has selected this drug to evaluate Analgesic, Anti- Inflammatory and calcium depletion activity. AIM AND OBJECTIVES : AIM - To evaluate the efficacy of Korai Kizhangu Choornam in the management of Kuthi kaal vaatham (Calcaneal Spur). OBJECTIVES : The clinical efficacy of Korai Kizhangu Choornam has been evaluated in the following aspects. • Collection of evidences in Siddha aspects, • Collection of evidences in Chemical aspects, • Bio-Chemical analysis, • Physical properties, • Toxicological study, • Pharmocological analysis, • Open clinical trial of Korai Kizhangu Choornam for Kuthi Kaal Vaatham given Orally. MATERIALS AND METHODS : COLLECTION OF DRUG: The drug Korai Kizhangu was collected from the indigenous raw drug stores, Tambaram. Its botanical identity was authenticated by Botany Professor of National Institute of Siddha. The tubers were dried in sun shade. PREPARATION OF DRUG: Korai Kizhangu is rinsed thoroughly with water and dried. Then it is grinded into fine powder. Then the powder is placed on the cloth tied in the mouth of mud-pot containing mixture of milk and water. Then the powder is heated by steam until the milk and water mixture is boiled upto 2/3 of initial quantity. STORAGE OF CHOORNAM: The Choornam was stored in a dry air-tight container. Life span of choornam is 3 months from the date of preparation. It was used within that period. INTENDED THERAPEUTIC DOSE & DURATION 1 gm two times a day with honey, after food for 48 days. CONCLUSION : The drug Korai Kizhangu Choornam has selected for the study to evaluate its efficacy in the management of Kuthi Kaal Vaatham The literature collection describes the anti-inflammatory, analgesic and calcium depletion activity of the drug Korai Kizhangu Choornam. The chemical analysis of the drug Korai Kizhangu Choornam reveals the presence of copper, manganese, starch, unsaturated compound and reducing sugar. Pharmacological studies showed that the drug has significant anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity at the dose of 400 mg/kg and no significant adverse effects. The pharmacological screening results showed that the drug Korai Kizhangu Choornam does not possess significant calcium depleting effect.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Korai Kizhangu Choornam (கோரைக்கிழங்கு சூரணம்); Cyperus rotundus - Linn. ; Kuthi Kaal Vatham ; Palagarai Parpam (பலகறை பற்பம்) ; Vellai Noi.
Subjects: AYUSH > Gunapadam
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Date Deposited: 22 Aug 2017 01:46
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