Incidental Findings in Liver Autopsy.

Jayaganesh, P (2008) Incidental Findings in Liver Autopsy. Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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Autopsy remains one of the most useful tools to validate clinical diagnosis. Silent liver diseases are not uncommon and histology is the unique method for diagnosis of silent liver diseases. Autopsy serves to unravel the alterations in liver pathology due to many factors such as alcoholism, infections mainly of viral origin, drug related and neoplasms. Due to the resurgence of radiological methods, gene tests and molecular studies, the number of liver biopsies done have been reducing in number now a days. Most of the diseases come to the light of the clinician only during autopsy. The effects of viral hepatitis and drug related toxicity to liver is evident only in post mortem studies as liver biopsies are seldom done in these cases. Hepatitis B has become very prevalent and an estimate of about 350 million people world wide is chronically infected with HBV. Hepatitis B carriers are monitored so much because of the increased risk of cirrhosis, hepatic decompensation, and hepatocellular carcinoma in them. Although most carriers will not develop hepatic complications from chronic hepatitis, 15% to 40% will develop serious sequelae during their lifetime Orcein staining can be used as a simple method to study the occurrence of hepatitis B carriers in autopsy material. It was identified in a study of occurrence of hepatitis B surface antigen in a consecutive material of liver biopsies that Orcein staining of ground glass hepatocytes was a highly specific HBsAg marker. The sensitivity was about 80% in cases with minimal changes, chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis.50 Fatty liver disease that develops in the absence of alcohol abuse is recognized increasingly as a major health burden. Since there are no strict guidelines to indications for biopsy in these cases, autopsy can be a useful mode in assessing Non alcoholic fatty liver disease.

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