Design and Optimization of Zidovudine Niosomes

Karthikeyan, A (2012) Design and Optimization of Zidovudine Niosomes. Masters thesis, K M College of Pharmacy, Madurai.


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In this study niosomal drug delivery system was developed using non-ionic surfactant incorporating Zidovudine by Thin film hydration technique. The prepared niosomal vesicles were quite stable. The formulation was subjected to Entrapment efficiency, Scanning electron microscopy, Invitro release, and Zeta potential analysis. From the results of experimental investigation, we concluded that, formulation F13 containing drug with 300:200 μmol (surfactant:cholesterol) ratio was showing higher percentage entrapment with desired sustained release of zidovudine. Hence formulation F13 was considered as optimized formulation.Invitro release from optimized zidovudine niosomal formulation (F13) showed extended release for 24 hours. SEM image revealed the vesicles are exist spherical shape and uniform in size. Scanning electron micrograph shows there is no aggregation between the particles. Negative zeta potential value was observed in zeta potential analysis. This confirmed the presence of negative charge inducing agent in formulation. The formulation was checked for sterility as per I.P specification. The optimized formulation passes the sterility test. Stability study was carried out for the period of three months at various storage conditions. The results showed that the formulation remains stable at 4°c. The optimized formulation was found to follow zero order release pattern which was revealed by the linearity shown from the plot of Time Vs cumulative percentage drug release. From the drug release kinetic studies, we concluded that the drug was released from niosome by a zero order diffusion controlled mechanism.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Optimization; Zidovudine Niosomes; Niosomal vesicles; Invitro release
Subjects: PHARMACY > Pharmaceutics
Depositing User: Ravindran C
Date Deposited: 19 Aug 2017 15:44
Last Modified: 19 Aug 2017 15:44

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