Preclinical and Clinical Study on Venpulli (வெண்புள்ளி)

Suganya, A (2013) Preclinical and Clinical Study on Venpulli (வெண்புள்ளி). Masters thesis, National Institute of Siddha, Chennai.


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In the present study the author has taken the Siddha formulations Yaanai Nerunjil Chooranam as internal medicine (Reference: Pathartha Guna Vilakkam) and Pathiyaa Lebanam as external medicine (Reference: Agathiyar Vaithiya Pillai Tamil). These drugs are indicated for Venpulli noi and their efficacy is not proven till now. These formulations are made by easily available herbs in rural India. Hence the author has chosen the above drugs to evaluate its therapeutic efficacy in treating Venpulli Noi. Apart from the trial drugs the efficacy of Yogam in the treatment of Venpulli noi is also studied. The clinical study reveals that the trial drug showed Grade 2 – moderate improvement in 17.5% of the cases, Grade 3 – mild improvement in 70% of the cases, Grade 4 – no improvement in 12.5% cases. Yogam treatment along with the trial drugs showed good prognosis when compared to patients treated only with trial drugs. Hence the study reveals the importance of Yogam in treating Venpulli. Clinically, no adverse effects were reported during the trial and the laboratory investigations were also within normal limits. So, the drug is assumed to be safe for humans. Acute toxicity study in animal models reveals that the trial drug Yaanai Nerunjil Chooranam” is safe. The safety of the trial drug was also proved from this study. Because of the encouraging clinical results, it could be concluded that “Yaanai Nerunjil Chooranam - internally” and “Pathiyaa Lebanam externally” are effective in producing repigmentation and reducing the size of the de-pigmented patches in the treatment of “ Venpulli” (Vitiligo).

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Venpulli ; Yaanai Nerunjil Chooranam ; Pathartha Guna Vilakkam ; Pathiyaa Lebanam.
Subjects: AYUSH > Sirappu Maruthuvam
Depositing User: Ravindran C
Date Deposited: 04 Aug 2017 06:34
Last Modified: 17 Dec 2018 18:07

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