Scientific Validation of Anti-Diabetic, Anti-Dyslipidemic and Anti-Oxidant Activities of Siddha Herbo Mineral Formulation Linga Mathirai In-Vivo and In-Vitro Models.

Shanuvas, A (2016) Scientific Validation of Anti-Diabetic, Anti-Dyslipidemic and Anti-Oxidant Activities of Siddha Herbo Mineral Formulation Linga Mathirai In-Vivo and In-Vitro Models. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Chennai.

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The study of andti Diabetic, Anti- Dyslipedemic and antioxidant anctivies of siddha Herbo mineral, The drug Linga Mathirai was selected to validate the safety and its efficacy for diabetes in animal model (Wistar albino rats). The ingredients of the drug was identified and authenticated by Gunapadam experts. The drug was prepared as per classical Siddha literary procedure and subjected to various studies to reveal its potency and efficacy of the drug. The Organoleptic character and physico chemical studies were made to standardization of the drug Linga Mathirai. From the above studies, the Linga Mathirai is standardized as per AYUSH guidelines. The analysis of biochemical, instrumental was made to know the presence of active ingredients in the drug which is responsible for its activity. Here, the biochemical analysis showed the presence of potassium, by its synergistic effect, the drug as activity against the disease. In instrumental analysis, FTIR showed the peak values represents the functional groups responsible for its activity. SEM picture explained the particle size of the drug. In ICP-OES described about the absence of heavy metals and its permissible limits which showed the safety of the drug. Toxicity studies revealed about the acute and sub acute toxicity effect of the Linga Mathirai in the rat models. The drug showed no toxicity and mortality in both acute and sub acute toxicity. According to OECD guidelines, the haematological, biochemical parameters are investigated. There were no significant changes in the functional behaviour and in the normal values. Thus, it was greatly established the safety of the drug administrated for long time. Pharmacological studies were done on the rat model for Anti diabetic, Anti- Dyslipidemic activity and In vitro study for Anti- oxidant activity. In diabetes the main pathophysiology is increased oxidative stress which results in the tissue damage and it is the main reason for other complications. The anti-oxidant property of this drug is mainly due to the presence of phytochemicals (flavonoids, phenols, etc.,) and other active ingredients which involve in scavenging the free radicals and prevents tissue damage and other complications. In Anti diabetic activity, there was significant decreased blood glucose level and slightly increased body weight in the Streptozotocin induced Wistar albino rats. In diabetes hyperglycemia is always accompanied with the dyslipidemia. Deficiency of insulin results in the increase in level of LDL, VLDL, TG, cholesterol and decrease in HDL. Dyslipidemia produces further vascular complications and increases the severity of diabetes. The drug showed significant decrease in the LDL and marked increase in the HDL than the standard drug. In Anti dyslipidemic activity, showed significant decreased LDL, VLDL, TG, TC levels and marked increased HDL level in the triton WR-1339 induced dyslipidemic in Wistar albino rat models. In Anti oxidant activity, there was significant effect of drug when compare to standard in DPPH assay.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Scientific Validation; Anti-Diabetic; Anti-Dyslipidemic; Anti-Oxidant Activities; Siddha Herbo Mineral Formulation; Linga Mathirai
Subjects: AYUSH > Gunapadam
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Date Deposited: 03 Aug 2017 04:58
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