An open Clinical Study on Venpulli (Vitiligo) with the Evaluation of Siddha Drug Rasacheenee Chooranam (Internal) & Karkadagasingi Pattru (External)

Nandhini, R (2016) An open Clinical Study on Venpulli (Vitiligo) with the Evaluation of Siddha Drug Rasacheenee Chooranam (Internal) & Karkadagasingi Pattru (External). Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Chennai.

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INTRODUCTION : In modern science venpulli is termed as Vitiligo is a condition in which the pigment will be lost from the particular areas of the skin causing whitish patches, often with no clear cause .A condition in which the skin turns white due to the loss of pigment melanin that gives the skin. Siddha system clearly lays down the general principles of body constituents in the classic bootha system. They hold that the universe is a macrocosum made up of the five primordial elements or boothas, viz nilam(earth), neer (water), thee(fire), vali(wind), veli (space) and the human being is a microcosum made up of these five element. When there is a change in equilibirium of this five elements in macro cosum it influence the equilibirium of five elements in micro cosum. This imbalance leads to the course of a disease. AIM AND OBJECTIVES : The aim of my study is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the siddha drug Rasacheenee Chooranam (Internal) and Karkadagasingi Pattru (External) both clinically and experimentally in the treatment of Venpulli. To collect the authorial measures and literature reviews of Venpulli in ancient siddha and modern literatures. Have occupation an idea of the incidence of the disease with regard to age, sex, precipitating, socio economic status, food, kaalam and factors etc. To expose the efficacy of siddhar’s diagnostic principles. To utilize the modern investigation methods to confirm the diagnosis and prognosis. To have clinical trial on patients with Venpulli with selected siddha medicine. Rasacheenee Chooranam (Internal) and Karkadagasingi Pattru (External). To evaluate Toxicological screening : Acute, Sub acute, Sub chronic. To find out the statistical analysis of clinical study : Biochemical analysis, Physico chemical analysis, Bio-Statistical analysis. CONCLUSION : Vitiligo is the most common depigmentary disorder it may occur due to various causes and it leads to mental stress and strain. Hence it’s one of the causes of psychomatic disorder. Venpulli (vitiligo) is mainly due to derangements of piththa humour. The trial medicine,Rasacheenee chooranam for internal and karkadagasingi pattru for external. The internal medicine of Rasacheenee chooranam had kaippu and thuvarppu suvai, neutralize the increased piththam thereby it act as ethururai maruthuvam. The Rasacheenee chooranam reveals no toxicity in the preclinical studies and hence proved to be safe for human administration. No contra indication was reported during the course of the treatment The trial medicine gave good result for skin colour changes in patients. The preparation of trial medicine is economical. The rasacheenee chooranam does not produce any toxicity in preclinically. So it is nontoxic and safe drug for venpulli. From this clinical studies, I conclude that the trial medicines which gives a 65-70% of improvement within minimum of 48 days. Rasacheenee chooranam gave complete recovery of venpulli in 35% patient. Therefore the author concluded that the trial medicine Rasacheenee Chooranam (Internal) and Karkadagasingi Pattru (External) can give better solutions for venpulli (vitiligo).

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Venpulli; Vitiligo ; Siddha Drug ; Rasacheenee Chooranam ; Karkadagasingi Pattru.
Subjects: AYUSH > Maruthuvam
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