Comparision study between open transinguinal preperitoneal hernia repair and lichenstein’s hernia repair.

Paulia Devi, T (2016) Comparision study between open transinguinal preperitoneal hernia repair and lichenstein’s hernia repair. Masters thesis, Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai.


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In the recent years, the use of a prosthesis in the treatment of an IH has gained a widespread acceptance; different techniques are employed, placing the prosthetic mesh anteriorly, or behind the conjoined tendon in the preperitoneal space(1). Generally the basic principles and indications of the preperitoneal procedure are not adequately considered in the training of young surgeons. The aim of this paper is to recall attention to this subject. The surgical correction of an IH requests a good anatomical dissection and an accurate evaluation of the conditions of the whole inguino-femoral region, in order to choose the best technique of reconstruction compared with lichtenstein repair,pre peritoneal repair [using prolene mesh] is best method to deal about inguinal,femoral and obturator hernia. In our experience, the repair of groin hernias with Preperitoneal mesh(Prolene mesh through an inguinal incision) has resulted in greater patient comfort with reduced post operative pain and also decreased number of complications. Although there was no recurrence observed in my study,the follow up period was only minimal (average 3 month). The duration of stay in the hospital was reduced and the patients had a rapid return to work. Hence the transinguinal pre peritoneal mesh repair is an amazing simplistic technique which gives an approach to inguinal, femoral and obturator hernias and bears the same anatomical relationship in TEP and TAPP approaches which gives a better understanding of the TEP and TAPP procedures.It is an easy technique with short learning curve.The risk of vessel injury is less in the hands of an expert. The contact of mesh with the cord structures and nerve is minimal which reduces the postoperative cord oedema, pain (Inguinodynia), orchitis and sensory loss.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Inguinal hernia; Inguinal Prosthetic Prolene Mesh
Subjects: MEDICAL > General Surgery
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