A Study on Dermatoglyphic Pattern in Women with Breast Cancer.

Karthikeyan, G (2013) A Study on Dermatoglyphic Pattern in Women with Breast Cancer. Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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Breast cancer is the second most common malignant condition after cervical carcinoma in India. The first sign is usually a palpable lump in the breast, which is diagnosed further with other investigative procedures like mammography and final diagnosis is confirmed by histological techniques through biopsy of the specimen. The genetic basis of breast cancer has been studied excessively77. BRCA 1 has been excessively implicated in breast cancer. Dermatoglyphics is a scientific method of study of patterns in finger tips, palms and soles. This pattern is unique to every individual and permanently fixed, with no changes after a set formation. In various studies, the dermatoglyphic pattern variations in patients with genetic diseases like Down’s syndrome, schizophrenia, and certain cancer types, like, breast cancer, ovarian cancer has been studied extensively. Therefore, this method of non- invasive technique can be used as a predictor in persons prone for certain diseases when there is significant variations in dermatoglyphic patterns. This study is aimed at studying the variations in dermatoglyphic patterns in patients with breast cancer in comparison to normal subjects. This study is conducted with the following objectives and aims: 1. To record and study the palmar and finger print patterns in patients with breast cancer and age matched normal subjects taken as controls 2. To compare the dermatoglyphic patterns of cases and controls 3. To assess the variations in patterns of dermatoglyphic features between breast cancer patients and controls and to find out the resultant significance. 4. To assess the usefulness of this technique in acting as a predictor of breast cancer ; the efficacy of this technique as a non-invasive diagnostic tool in identification of breast cancer patients and also to identify persons at risk of breast cancer.

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