Study of uveitis in children and factors affecting visual outcome.

Nandhini, A (2007) Study of uveitis in children and factors affecting visual outcome. Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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The disease in children mainly go unnoted and lead to catastrophe when noticed. Uveitis is one such entity. Prompt diagnosis and treatment make uveitis to be treated and to control the complications and lead to a better visual status. Emphasis should be that "all red eyes are not conjuctivitis and all white eyes with diminished vision are not refractive errors". Hence proper history, investigation, thorough fundus examination and management is needed for good visual outcomes. Uveitis refer to the inflammation of iris, ciliary body and choroid, all as a whole or separate. Uveitis in children is relatively low with incidence of 8% when compared to adults. Conclusion: 1) Uveitis in children can be progressive and cause serious visual impairment if not diagnosed and treated earlier. 2) Paediatric uveitis is common in 9-12 years age group 3) Anterior uveitis is more common than other forms. Other forms when presented are late and has lead to serious visual impairment. 4) Unknown cause was major aetiology detected in children. JRA leads to major complications if the eye is not assessed. 5) Toxoplasma mostly go unnoticed and hence produced vision catastrophe. As this is infective in nature early diagnosis can make it treatable to ensure good vision. 6) Intermediate Uveitis also go unnoticed due to good vision and can be detected only by clinical examination and school screening camps. 7) All strabismus should be evalauated as they can be due to a panuveitis sequale or post uveitis sequale. 8) Early diagnosis and prompt treatment with mydriatics, corticosteroids, immunosuppresants, follow up prevent complications and ensure good vision. 9) Complicated cataract under steroid and immunosuppresants, taken for SICS WITH PCIOL at an earlier date, gave good visual prognosis. 10) The team work of pediatrician, rheumatologist, ENT physicians, chest physicians with ophthalmologist can lead to an early diagnosis and treatment and prevent the complication and ensure the children to have good vision.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: uveitis; children; visual outcome
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