Study of Facial Artery and Its Branches with Special Reference to Submental and Perioral Branches in South Indian Subjects.

Vijayalakshmi, M (2007) Study of Facial Artery and Its Branches with Special Reference to Submental and Perioral Branches in South Indian Subjects. Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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A study about the facial artery was carried out in 42 adult human specimens and 8 foetal hemifaces for finding out the different types of origin and the branching pattern. Variation in its branching with specific importance to the submental and the perioral branches was observed. Separate origin of facial artery from the external carotid was observed in 69.05% and as common linguofacial trunk in 30.95%. The other branches like tonsillar, ascending palatine, glandular, submental branches were also observed normally in the neck, the infra(sub) labial, inferior labial, superior labial and the lateral nasal branches from the facial artery in the face, the angular being the terminal branch of the facial artery were also observed in the present study. The present study was carried out having in mind the various facial landmarks used by the surgeons in mobilizing the skin flaps in the nasolabial, nasal septal and lip regions so also the musculocutaneous flaps in the submental region. Observations in the present study like the high origin of the facial artery from the external carotid and a long course of facial artery extending to the forehead are additional information to the plastic surgeon who plans the vascular flap designs. Many observations regarding the submental, labial and perioral branches coincided with the observations made by the pioneers in this field in the recent days. New patterns of branching with the facial artery ending as angular artery or inferior alar artery with the absence of lateral nasal artery will be an eye opener for the plastic surgeons who can mobilize the nasolabial flaps not following the usual conventional patterns. The ascending palatine artery arising from the lingual artery is one of the rare findings. Observations about the occurrence of other rare and abnormal branches of facial artery like the premasseteric branch or the presence of parotid and buccal branches will definitely serve the surgeons in the field of facial reconstructive surgery in creating new true cutaneous flaps. A lookout for the caliber persistent labial artery on the clinical side was made but of no avail. This information will definitely alert the general and the plastic surgeons while coming across such cystic pulsatile tumours of the lips which is usually mistaken for a tumour. I hope that this 'Study of the facial artery and its branches in the South Indian subjects' will definitely be of use to the anatomists and the plastic surgeons in the future and I hope further studies regarding this will enlighten us with much more precious information which are welcome in this world of cosmetic surgeries of face.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Facial Artery; Submental and Perioral Branches; South Indian Subjects.
Subjects: MEDICAL > Anatomy
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