An Observational study on Standardization of Siddha Diagnostic Tools including line of treatment and dietary regimen in the patients of Karai Soolai (Thrombophlebitis)

Sankari, P (2022) An Observational study on Standardization of Siddha Diagnostic Tools including line of treatment and dietary regimen in the patients of Karai Soolai (Thrombophlebitis). Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Chennai.

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The author was interested to select this topic because nowadays most of the people with pain, venous stasis, dilated superficial vein, tenderness, and discolouration present in affected limp developing more complications. So the author shows this topic to a Siddha faculty, he gave more information to the author about the disease. Then this topic is submitted to the screening committee members and got approved from them as well as from the IEC committee members later. The aim of this study is to evaluate the significance of the disease Karai Soolai (Thrombophlebitis) with help of Siddha parameters Ennvagaithervu, Manikkadai Nool, Jothidam and Panchapatchi Sasthiram. The author had collected review of literature, definition, aetiology and classifications from various texts. For the clinical study 100 cases (OPD) were for the observational per the inclusion and exclusion criteria and the informed consent were obtained from the patients. Case sheet proforma were maintained for 100 cases. The author took the study in her OPD under the guidance of guide and other faculties. Laboratory investigations also were carried out during the study. Ennvagaithervu, Manikkadai Nool, Jothidam and Panchapatchi Sasthiram of the patients were evaluated in the study. In this study, following data were observed and discussed for the 100 cases. ❖ Among 100 cases, 37% of the cases were between 41-50 years of peoples are more affected. ❖ Females are more prone to get Karai Soolai than males according to my studies; Females were affected with 64%. ❖ Majority of the patients were followed mixed diet - (83%). ❖ Higher incidence of cases was noted in lower class people - (59%) ❖ All the patients (100%) are having the symptoms of venous stasis, dilated superficial veins. ❖ Most of the cases had Iyalbuudambu (58%). ❖ Majority of cases were Vaatha Pitha Dhegi (63%) ❖ Most of the cases were from Neithal nilam (63%) ❖ Higher incidence of cases was noted in Kaarkaalam (55%). ❖ In Vaatham, Niravu Kaatru and Thozhil Kaatru (100%) Was affected. ❖ In Pitham Aatralangi.Anal (60%) was affected. ❖ In Kabham Santhigam (70%)was affected. In the disturbance of Udarthaathukkal ◉ 100% of the cases were affected by Saaram (Kabham). In Envagai thervu ◉ Naa - Naanaduvilpilavu (40%) ◉ Niram - Maaniram (50%). ◉ Vizhi - Keezhimaineekinilanchivappu (52%) ◉ Mozhi - Sama ol (90%). ◉ Sparisam - Narambu surrundu kaanal (100%) ◉ Malam - Manjal nirra malam (92%), Irugal thanmai ulla malam kaanal (55%). ◉ Moothiram - Ila Manjal Niram (65%) ◉ In Naadi, most of the cases having Vaatha Pitham Naadi (60%). ➢ In Neikuri examination 70% of the cases having Pithakabham. ➢ In Manikkadainool examination - 65% of the cases had 10fbs wrist circumference. ➢ In patchapatchi sasthiram 31% of cases had Vaatha Kabha kutram. ➢ In Jothidam 55% of the cases were had Kumba Rasi. CONCLUSION: This present study shows the diagnostic modalities of Siddha Medicine for Karai Soolai (Thromboplebitis) patients for the 100-known cases of Thromboplebitis. ❖ Finally, it may conclude that Ennvagai thervu, Panchapatchi sasthiram and Jothidam can be used as a tool for study on prediction for prognosis of the disease. ❖ In Ennvagai thervu Moothiram – Neikkuri examination is useful for assessing the prognosis and severity of the disease to plan the treatment. ❖ This simple technique may also helpful in diagnosis as well as assessing the healthy condition. The present study is a basic step, there is a need for further research on a large group of patients to arrive at a definite conclusion.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: An Observational study on Standardization of Siddha Diagnostic Tools, line of treatment, dietary regimen, Karai Soolai, Thrombophlebitis.
Subjects: AYUSH > Noi-naadal
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