Validation of the Statement “Muthothu Nirkin Mozhivathen Kabamae” and Its Importance in Diagnosis

Thavalakshmi, M (2022) Validation of the Statement “Muthothu Nirkin Mozhivathen Kabamae” and Its Importance in Diagnosis. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.

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One of the fundamental principal by which the siddha system is established is the concept of Mukkutram, the Trihumoral theory. A perfect physiological ratio of all the 3 humours namely Vazhi. Azhal, Iyam promote healthy well being of an individual free from disease or degeneration. Hundreds of diseases are cateogorized on the basis of deranged Kutram (Humors) or either due to its combined vitiations. The proper treatment of disease depends on the accuracy of diagnosis. The urine examination especially neikkuri is one which prones to be an important tool for diagnosis and deciding the prognosis. ❖ Background of this study was based on the Statement explained by Sage Theriyar MUTHOTHU NIRKIN MOZHIVATHEN KABAMAE .Based on this this research was plannd to explore siddha diagnostic tool Neikkuri. ❖ A wide and comprehensive Literature review was collected from many sources regarding Neerkuri and Neikkuti, Kabam and other siddha parameters needed for this research. ❖ 200 patients with the symptoms of dominant kaba humour were selected from OPD with the age of 16 to 65 years, at Government siddha medical college, Palayamkottai according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The patients were investigated using siddha and modern diagnostic methods. ❖ In this study majority of the patients were females and sedentary workers. The most common clinical manifestations were Cough, Difficulty in breathing and loss of appetite. Among 200 patients, most of the patients were Kaba pitha thegi. ❖ In Udal thathukkal examination Saaram, senner and Oon was mostly affected. ❖ Among 200 cases, in the examination of envagai thervu most of the cases had Kaba pitha naadi. In neikkuri assessment more than 86% of the patients had kaba pattern (Pearl), In neerkkuri the color of the urine is 38% white and 25.5% straw color. The specific gravity and PH were normal in range. ❖ In Uyir thaathukal examination, In Vatham 99.5 Pranan, 90 thanan, 68% Viyanan was affected and mostly all the patients was affected by Smanana. In pitham Anarpitham and Prasaka pitham was mostly affected. In Kabam Avlambagam was affected in all patients and Kilethagam and Santhigam was the second most affected type (76% and 46%). The applicability of diagnosing the disease Kabam with Siddha diagnostic procedures are significantly shows the humoral derangement of kabam. CONCLUSION: Theraiyar one of the renowned sages of siddha medicine described urine examination and stages of health. He explained the Statement MUTHOTHU NIRKIN MOZHIVATHAEN KABAME. For the validation of the statement the author selected the patients with the symptoms of kabam predominance and their neikkuri pattern was mostly in the shape of Muthu (Pearl) (86%). ❖ Depending upon the patients thega illakanam,Naadi nadai, Envagai thervu results are correlated with kabam predominance. If studies like this helps in validating the diagnosis in traditional systems and the ambiguity arising due to any differences can be minimized. ❖ There are many studies available for comprehensive effectiveness of traditional medicine with conventional treatment for specific disease entities. This study is new in its way to validate traditional diagnostic procedures for specific disease entity where the knowledge and skills are more valued than equipments and reagents. ❖ A preliminary outline of observations of neikkuri has been set by this study but before concluding remarks that there is need of performing in large number of cases. If this method tested and validated on the modern parameters then it can be a gold standard in future.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Validation, Muthothu Nirkin Mozhivathen Kabamae, Diagnosis.
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