Clinical evaluation of the effect of “Vallarai Ilagam” (Internal) and “Karappan Poosu Ennai” (External) for the treatment of “Mandai Karappan”

Krishnayini, M (2021) Clinical evaluation of the effect of “Vallarai Ilagam” (Internal) and “Karappan Poosu Ennai” (External) for the treatment of “Mandai Karappan”. Masters thesis, Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai.

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Skin diseases can have a devasting effect on person’s physical and psychological wellbeing. It adversely affect almost every aspect of a person’s life. They can also seriously affect the lives of other family members and caretakers. The psychological impact of skin disease on an individual is not directly related to overall area affected or to the objective severity of the condition. However, there is a evidence that suggests being affected in visible places such as face, head, hands or intimate genital areas causes higher level of distress as they are less easily covered and can precipitate or perpectuate relationship issues. So in the case of Mandai Karappan the most affected areas are scalp and face, it has been exposed to environment which mainly leads to the development of social and psychological impact for both children and their parents. Pediatric skin disorders can affect children’s self esteem, relationship with caregivers and peers and performance in school and activities. Children those are affected with Mandai Karappan and other skin disease really face many difficulties.. Common psychological problems associated with the skin diseases include feeling of stress, anxiety, anger, depression, shame, social isolation, low self esteem and embarrassment. Skin conditions also affect one’s personal, professional and social life. Cases included in this study mostly had those issues so there is a need to support the children to overcome it. It shows the importance of management of skin disease in childhood. In order to evaluate the Mandai Karappan patients with the medication Vallarai Ilagam and Karappan Poosu Ennai, essential analysis were done in this study. CONCLUSION: Various studies and review were performed for the clinical evaluation of the effect of Vallarai Ilagam and Karappan Poosu Ennai for the treatment of Mandai Karappan. As a result, this clinical study evaluated that over 37 (78.71) cases shows good relief, 6 (12.76%) cases shows moderate relief and 4 (8.50%) cases shows mild relief. 37 (78.71%) cases are fully recovered from Mandai Karappan and there is gradual reductions in clinical symptoms and also there is no re-occurrence of the disease during entire course of treatment. It evident that the trial medicines were effective for the management of Mandai Karappan and also it has no adverse effects. Analytical specifications of Vallarai Ilagam and Karappan Poosu Ennai and Pre-Clinical studies evident the safety and efficacy of trial drugs. It also assured that it is safe for use for peadiatric age group. Pre-Clinical studies shows that the trial drug has significant Anti Inflammatory and Anti Histamine activity and the ingredients of the trial drugs has specific action like Emollient, Deobstruent, Disinfectant, Germicide helps in reducing the symptoms of skin disease. The ingredients in these trial drugs are easily available and cost effective. Hence, this study concluded that the Vallarai Ilagam as internal medicine combined with the Karappan Poosu Ennai as external medicine treats Mandai Karappan along with diet restrictions and good hygiene.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Clinical evaluation, Vallarai Ilagam, Karappan Poosu Ennai, treatment, Mandai Karappan.
Subjects: AYUSH > Kuzhanthai Maruthuvam
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Date Deposited: 17 Nov 2022 15:10
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