Formulation and Evaluation of Effervescent Floating Matrix Tablets of Nizatidine

Gomathi, A (2021) Formulation and Evaluation of Effervescent Floating Matrix Tablets of Nizatidine. Masters thesis, Ultra College of Pharmacy, Madurai.

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Floating drug delivery system are retained in a stomach for a longer time and assist in improving oral sustained release delivery that have an absorption window in the particular region of the GI tract as well as for sustained release of the drug having site specific absorption limitation. Nizatidine is a effective antiulcer drug was used as a model drug to developed a sustained release formulation.Hence an attempt was made to developed gastroretentive drug delivery system of Nizatidine are designed to prolonged the gastric reside once time increase the drug bioavailability diminish in the side effect of drugs and also to reduce frequency of administration there by improving patience compliance and therapeutic efficacy. The λ max of Nizatidine was found to be 314nm in 0.1N HCL. The Nizatidine obey the beer’s law within the concentration of 5-25microgram/ml. FTIR studies showed that there was no interaction between drug and polymer. The floating SR matrix tablets were prepared by direct compression method using different concentration of gel forming hydrophilic polymers by effervescent technique. The formulate tablets were analysed for pre compression and post compression parameter swelling index and Invitro drug release studies. The pre compression parameters of all of the formulation were within the required limit was indicated good flow property suitable for formulation of tablet. The post compression parameter such as thickness, hardness, friability, uniformity of content and swelling index of all formulation were within the acceptable limits. The floating lag time and total time were found to be satisfied. F4 formulation was selected as best formulation based on Invitro release studies. Swelling studies & Invitro studies. The extend of drug release was found to be 91.95% in 10 hours. FTIR studies of selected best formulation shows that no interaction between the drug and polymers. The floating effervescent SR matrix tablets of Nizatidine by effervescent technique also developed for comparison with semisynthetic polymers (HPMCK4M and CARBOPOL 934) tablets of Nizatidine drug release in % ± SD. CONCLUSION: Nizatidine floating Sustained Release drug delivery system with shorter lag time can be prepared by Direct compression method using carbopol 934 and HPMC K4 as a polymer and sodium bicarbonate and citric acid as gas generating agent. All the prepared tablet formulations were found to be good without capping and chipping. The Invitro Dissolution profiles of all the prepared Nizatidine floating Drug Delivery system formulations were found to be extend the Drug release over a period of 1 hour to 10 hours and Drug Release rate Increase with polymer concentrations.IR spectroscopic indicate no Drug-Excipient Interaction and physiochemical changes in the prepared formulations comparing the all formulations. F4 was considered as an Ideal formulation which exhibited 91.95% of Drug Release upto 10 hours and floating lagtime of 30 seconds. From the Result it was observed that Drug and polymer ratio influence the Invitro Drug Release and in vitro buoyancy of Nizatidine floating tablets. Hence, the floating system of Nizatidine is expected to provide more bioavailable formulation in the management of GERD-Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. It can be concluded that the matrix formulation reduces the dose frequency and the local action of Nizatidine may be increased in the stomach due to Increased Retention and absorption by using formulation F4.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Formulation, Evaluation, Effervescent Floating Matrix Tablets, Nizatidine.
Subjects: PHARMACY > Pharmaceutics
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Date Deposited: 12 Aug 2022 08:19
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