A Clinical study of Acute Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Bhuvaneswaran, M (2006) A Clinical study of Acute Deep Vein Thrombosis. Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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INTRODUCTION : Venous thromboembolism is responsible for considerable morbidity and mortality both in hospital and in the community. The impact of venous thromboembolism on morbidity and mortality is largely unrecognised in daily practice because of low autopsy rates. Despite thromboembolic prophylaxis, symptomatic and asymptomatic pulmonary embolism occurs in approximately 25% of surgical patients and is responsible for 3% of surgical inpatient deaths. Approximately 25% of patients who have a fatal pulmonary embolism have had recent surgery. An understanding of the underlying epidemiology, pathophysiology and natural history of deep vein thrombosis is essential in guiding appropriate prophylaxis, diagnosis and treatment. Recognition of the underlying risk factors and an appreciation of the multifactorial nature of deep vein thrombosis may facilitate the identification of situations likely to provoke thrombosis in high risk individuals as well as the further evaluation of those with an unexplained thromboembolism. An understanding of the natural history of deep vein thrombosis is similarly important in defining the relative risk and benefits of anticoagulation as well as the duration of treatment in individual patients. AIM : To Assess, i) Mode of presentation, ii) Pattern of limb and deep vein involvement and iii) Common predisposing factors. CONCLUSION : The myth that Asians are immune to deep vein thrombosis has been dispelled. Appropriate prophylaxis in high risk patients needs to be instituted. Screening of patients with thromboembolic events irrespective of the modality of presentation has the potential to identify patients requiring a prolonged course of anticoagulation.

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