A study of aponeurotic ptosis and its management.

Kalaiselvi, B (2007) A study of aponeurotic ptosis and its management. Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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Blepharoptosis denotes droopiness of the eyelid often the term abbreviated as ptosis, which typically denote droopiness of upper eye lid. A spectrum of conditions affect the upper eyelid height, but the most common in acquired is aponeurotic Ptosis. This study out lines aponeurotic ptosis incidence and its management at RIOGOH. As ptosis leads to an unacceptable cosmetic appearance and defective vision, the fight against ptosis has been long one, various surgical techniques for the correction of ptosis are refined and improved in this modern era of oculoplasty.Conclusion: 1. Aponeurotic ptosis is the commonest among the acquired ptosis. 2. Majority of patients belong to the age group of 20-45 yrs of age. 3. Aponeurotic ptosis surgery – levator advancement, transcutaneous approach gives good results functionally and cosmetically. 4. In this procedure excess skin can be excised and forming a future lid crease is easier. 5. Levator advancement can be combined with Blepharoplasty. 6. This procedure can be performed not only by the plastic surgeon but also by the General ophthalmologist.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: aponeurotic ptosis; management
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