Bone Health in Young patients of Breast Cancer.

Neelesh Reddy, P R (2008) Bone Health in Young patients of Breast Cancer. Masters thesis, Cancer Institute (WIA), Chennai.


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INTRODUCTION: The incidence of breast cancer has been steadily increasing in India, Keeping trend with global scenario, mostly contributed by the rapid economic Development leading on to adoption of the western life styles. In a study by Yeole BB and Kurkure AP, there has been a significant leap in the incidence of breast Cancer in India over the past two decades. Nearly 100,000 new cases of breast Cancer are diagnosed in India every year and about 5% to 12% of them are young Patients. At any given time there will be one million patients of breast cancer in India either on treatment or as survivors. The life time risk of developing breast Cancer is 1:30 (incidence rate of 20 cases per 100,000) in Urban India and 1:65 (incidence rate of 8.6 cases per 100,000) in rural India, reflecting the influence of Life style on breast cancer incidence1, 55. With the increase in awareness among general population, more and more Patients present to their physicians at an early stage1. This along with the Improvement in treatment modalities has resulted in an ever expanding population Of breast cancer survivors, who are prone for long-term cancer treatment related Complications including Poor Bone Health. There has been a significant improvement in our knowledge regarding poor Bone health among elderly subjects particularly, women at high risk6, However There is still paucity of information about the status of bone health among young Premenopausal females particularly in India. These patients who either have Chemotherapy associated premature menopause or have been rendered estrogen Deficient2 (by castration) as a part of multimodal treatment, may be at a higher risk Of osteoporosis and its complications. This study is a sincere effort to determine the bone health of young Survivors of breast cancer in India, so as to intervene at appropriate time and make A difference in their Quality Of Life. AIM OF THE STUDY: The aim of the study is, To study the Bone Mineral Density in young breast cancer patients and Compare with matched controls.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Bone Health ; Young patients ; Breast Cancer.
Subjects: MEDICAL > Medical Oncology
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