Limb Savlage Surgery with Custom Made Prosthesis for Proximal Tibial Osteosarcomas.

Vinay, V Gadigi (2011) Limb Savlage Surgery with Custom Made Prosthesis for Proximal Tibial Osteosarcomas. Masters thesis, Cancer Institute (WIA), Chennai.


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Introduction: “Walking is man’s best medicine” - Hippocrates Bony sarcomas arising from the proximal end of the tibia constitute the second most common site of occurrenceafter the distal end of the femur. However this area is a difficult site to perform a safe limb sparing resection in which function is preserved due to anatomical constraints and also surgical technique. Historically amputation had been the treatment for bony sarcomas. The use of effective chemotherapeutic regimen, modern imaging technology and advances in surgical techniques has broadened the horizon and scope of limb salvage surgery in this site. The primary difficulty in doing a limb salvage surgery for sarcoma of the proximal tibia is due to the local anatomy. A difficult surgical approach, intimate relationship to the neurovascular structures, inadequate soft tissue coverage are few of the challenges surgeons face during procedures at this site. Another important factor is the need to reconstruct the extensor mechanism of the knee joint. Many surgical techniques and reconstruction mechanisms have been described for the tumours at this site and have provided satisfactory survival and functional outcomes. AIMS OF THE STUDY : 1. To study the survival outcomes of the patients undergoing limb salvage surgery in proximal tibial tumours with custom made megaprosthesis. 2. To compare the quality of life assessment between groups undergoing extensor mechanism reconstruction with or without a prolene mesh. 3. To study the early and late complications. 4. To study the prosthesis survival time and the factors affecting prosthesis survival.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Limb Savlage Surgery ; Custom Made ; Prosthesis ; Proximal Tibial ; Osteosarcomas.
Subjects: MEDICAL > Surgical Oncology
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