Study of 70 cases of posterior uveitis to evaluate the various etiologies and management.

Ashish, Amar (2006) Study of 70 cases of posterior uveitis to evaluate the various etiologies and management. Masters thesis, Madras Medical College, Chennai.


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Uveitis refers to inflammation of the middle vascular tunic of the Eye called uvea. The name uvea is derived from the Latin word "uva" or grape, consists of three parts the iris, the ciliary body and the choroid. Uveitis is extremely important epidemiologically in underdeveloped, developing & developed societies alike accounting for a very large medical & economic burden on population. Despite the progress made since the introduction of steroid therapy in 1950; large number of patients eventually are blinded by the consequences of recurrent or chronic uveitis; this problem is consistently agreed to be the 3rd leading cause of preventable blindness in all developed societies. If we ever hope to reduce the prevalence of blindness that is secondary to uveitis, ophthalmologists in large numbers must embrace a philosophy of earlier; more aggressive therapy with a limit to the total amount of steroid ultimately used. Posterior uveitis remains a diagnostic challenge to the ophthalmologist. By knowing the present changing trends and geographical patterns help him to err on the approach of "Common things are more common and to be considered in Diagnosis first". Also it helps him to focus on new emerging uveitic entities. We were able to achieve a good discretion of some common causes of posterior uveitis like Toxoplasmosis, Toxocariasis and Serpiginous choroiditis and recommended the importance of detailed clinical history and clinical examination. The recent drugs available against them were found to be really effective except toxocoriasis treatment. The investigations have to be undertaken with clear objectives and not irrationally to avoid unnecessary expenditure for the patients. We found the effectiveness of TORCH titers in providing corroborative evidence of diseases in cases of posterior uveitis.

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