A Study of Breast Cancer Treatment on Quality of Life Issues and Psychiatric Morbidity.

Sridhar, T R (2006) A Study of Breast Cancer Treatment on Quality of Life Issues and Psychiatric Morbidity. Masters thesis, Madurai Medical College, Madurai.


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Introduction: Cancer, a word which even today elicits, fear, horror, revulsion and Profound sorrow to those afflicted from it. Throughout the history of mankind, Certain diseases have gained prominence in societies and cultures at particular Times. Their vicissitudes may or may not have been felt globally but in the Minds of laymen they get imbued with almost mystical qualities. This may Relate to the fact had the causative factors were undefined and the treatment Modalities available at the time were ineffective. Diseases were thought to be Result of sinful activities, and one who has transgressed the accepted social and Religious norms. Today cancer seems to occupy such a place in spite of the fact That there a number of other diseases that are far more lethal in effect. Despite recent advances in securing remission and possible cure, cancer Has remained a disease equated with hopelessness, pain, fear and death. Its Diagnosis and treatment often produce psychological stress resulting from the Actual symptoms of the disease, as well as patients and family’s perception of The disease and its stigma. Breast cancer is one of the leading cancers in the world and in India it Has overtaken cervical cancer as the leading type in some parts of the country. Despite the quality of life being increasingly recognised as an important Outcome of cancer therapy along with the conventional assessment of tumour Response and disease related survival, very little published literature is available Regarding the psychosocial impact of cancer breast which may occur, especially In the Indian scenario. In developing country like India, very little attention has Been paid to this issue. Because of poor infrastructure and lack of proper Treatment facilities at most centres, there is poor survival rates and hence much Emphasis is on attaining quantity of life rather than quality. Majority of patients present with advanced disease in developing Countries which is usually managed by combined treatment modalities, which Duly interferes with the general health related parameters and the social life of These patients, thereby adversely affecting QOL. Psychiatric morbidity in the cancer patients is a reality but is often Underdiagnosed and undertreated as there is a tendency to explain away the Symptoms experienced by the patients. The need of the hour is to develop Proper guidelines to explore, assess and to delineate psychiatric morbidity in This vulnerable population and to help them deal with enormous physical, Psychological and emotional burden and to bring hope and happiness to their Lives. The higher prevalence rate of carcinoma breast and paucity of Indian Research in this field prompted this exploratory study of psychiatric morbidity And QOL in patients with breast cancer.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Breast Cancer Treatment ; Quality Life Issues ; Psychiatric Morbidity.
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