Study of Psychosocial Stressors and Psychiatric Morbidity in Acute Myocardial Infarction.

Mohamed Ilyas, Rahamathulla (2007) Study of Psychosocial Stressors and Psychiatric Morbidity in Acute Myocardial Infarction. Masters thesis, Madurai Medical College, Madurai.


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Introduction: Mind and body relationship have concerned scientific minds from the Beginning. Representatives from both psychiatry and medicine have agreed for More than hundred years that in some disorders, emotional and somatic Activities overlap. These disorders were first called psychosomatic illness by Johann Chiristian Heinroth. This term was later popularized by Maxmilan Jacobi, German Psychiatrist. In addition to general life stressors various investigators have suggested That specific personalities and conflicts are associated with different Psychosomatic diseases. They were first identified in regard to the coronary Personality, who tend to develop coronary heart disease. The classical risk Factors do not give total explanation for the occurrence of coronary heart Disease and that additional factors are involved in its genesis (WERKO, 1976) There is a strong evidence to suggest that an interplay of personality Characteristic with the environmental milieu plays a role in an individuals Predisposition to coronary heart disease and large body of research has already Been undertaken in this area (ROSEMAN and FRIED MAN, 1960) And it has been suggested by some that type A behavior Pattern may be A middle class westerners way of reacting. Reactions to a stressful Environment in Indians may take a form other than type A behavior. Hence stressful life events more than personality characteristics might Be causal to the genesis of ischemic heart disease. Heart has been hailed as Contributing to vitality and the very life of the individual and any disorder is Perceived as at worst fatal (or) at best disabling. For a lay person, a man felled By a heart attack can never be the same again. Fear about the consequences of Infarction are always followed by psychological consequences such as anxiety And depression etc. The Liaison Psychiatry approach was tailored to the Requirements of the local (or) indigenous socio-cultural background should be Engaged in the psychiatric research for minimizing this psychological Morbidity. Scope of the study Though myocardial infarction is known to be due to psychosocial Stressors, the detailed verification of the cause is not done in our setting. The Nature of the stressors as perceived by local population has contested in the Present study. Study also aims to corroborate on the prevalence of Psychological morbidity following myocardial infarction and to know if they Are correlated to the previous life events. The analysis of results should pave The way for conceptualizing the psychotherapeutic issues of the Liaison Psychiatry in the indigenous situation. Plan of the Study The present study has been planned as follows Review of Literature Methodology Results and Interpretations Discussion Conclusion

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Psychosocial Stressors ; Psychiatric Morbidity ; Acute Myocardial Infarction.
Subjects: MEDICAL > Psychiatry
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