Neurological Neuro Surgical and Neuro Psychological aspects of Headache

Gobinathan, S (2014) Neurological Neuro Surgical and Neuro Psychological aspects of Headache. Doctoral thesis, The Tamilnadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, Chennai.

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The study was conducted to analyze the demographic factors, headache characteristics and neuro-psychological factors of headache patients. Headache and associated syndromes (or) symptom complex extracts a tremendous toll from the society that most of the neurophysicians prefer to treat more commonly occurring headaches and the related problems. It is the investigator s opinion that the neurophysicians are the best persons to evaluate the headache patients, recommend treatment and to perform the necessary research to determine the pathophysiology namely neurological, neuro-surgical and neuropsychological aspects of headaches. Headache is one of the complaints most frequently faced by internists and Neurologists. Most people accept an occasional headache as part of their lives. A sample of 320 patients were studied, out of which 295 were classified as patients with primary headache and 25 with secondary headache based on IHS criteria. Primary headache patients were sub-classified into migraine, tension headache and cluster headache. Neuro-psychological characteristics of primary headache patients revealed that type of primary headache is strongly associated with anxiety and stress, but not with depression. Hence, the major null hypothesis that neuro-psychological characteristics are not associated with type of primary headache is rejected. Out of the six major hypothesis with their minor hypothesis, it is observed that the neurological factors including demographic factors, headache characteristics and neuro-psychological factors had significant association with headache. The secondary headache characteristics, because of its numerically and statistically insignificant values, individual case studies reveal especially tumor headache having 60% of migraine like headache characteristics. Thus, it is summarized the clinical aspects of primary headaches and the tumor headache behave almost similarly. FUTURE DIRECTION: The study of headache needs to be focused on objective measurements combined with modern perfusion imaging and headache, Biological and Biochemical markers along with the existing subjective measures will definitely unwrap the enigma still wrapped in the mystery of headaches, especially of their neurological, neuro psychological and neuro surgical aspects.

Item Type: Thesis (Doctoral)
Uncontrolled Keywords: Neurological, Neuro Surgical, Neuro Psychological aspects, Headache.
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